1. The Vikings are the only team I know that can stop a team to 3rd and long and give up more than enough yards each time

  2. I keep watching this. I swore off the Vikings after the '98 season, the…'04 season, and I think the '09 season. But they make football SO ENTERTAINING to watch this year! So entertaining. The NFL should be paying the Vikings franchise for all the extra views. Seriously!

  3. They the vikings don't show me nothing, there secondary sucks and the giants should have won that game by 2 touchdowns if 2 of those giants Receivers didn't drop the balls & that stupid interception, the Giant's would have won the game 38 -24 period, and if they played in giants stadium that kicker for those fakekings would've never made that 61 yd field goal never, let's face it football needs to be played outside not in a dome with no snow, Rain, or wind.

  4. Now allowing Saquon Barkley run up the middle to score so easily doesn't look so bad. The Vikings needed every second to get the ball to a kickable spot.

  5. Vikings have had so many "Crazy Endings" this year..
    insert Ben Affleck Smoking Meme
    They should have a record for highest heart rated fans.

  6. So glad I held on to my SB rookie cards, dude is just a RB1 every team wishes they had. If only Daniel Jones would step his game up a few notches, the Giants could be that team.

  7. as a giant's fan I feel like the giants have been having a rough season, but you got to give it to them for keeping the amazing team Vikings in the 20's instead of their usual score of 30

  8. Chiefs fan here. Wish I was a vikings fan lol.

    This year has been awesome to watch, every game is good and a fight- all but like 2???? And then winning essentially all of them must be the coolest thing to watch as your team fights its way to the 2nd (probably) seed. So cool.

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