Danielle Reyna told U.S. Soccer about past Gregg Berhalter domestic violence incident


Danielle Reyna, wife of former US men’s national team captain Claudio and mother of current international player Gio, said she told US Soccer sporting director Ernie Stewart about USMNT coach Greg Berhalter. Past incidents of domestic violence Because he was disappointed by the comments made about his son after the team’s elimination from the 2022 World Cup.

Later information is shared Commented by Berhalter How was detailed at the HOW Institute for Society’s Summit on Ethical Leadership in New York “A player” was almost sent home from the World Cup For not meeting expectations on and off the field.

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Barhalter did not identify anyone by name; However, this was a clear reference Geo RenaA as confirmed by the player Next day Instagram post.

Daniel Reyna said in a statement on Wednesday: “I thought it was particularly unfair that Gio, who apologized for acting immaturely about his playing time, was still dragged through the mud when Greg apologized for doing so much and got it. More at the same age Bad.”

Claudio Reyna sent a series of messages to USMNT general manager Brian McBride and Stewart during the World Cup, in which he said he shared his frustrations with Gio’s World Cup experience.

Multiple sources told ESPN that he threatened to share allegations about Berhalter’s past, but Reyna denied those allegations.

“While in Qatar, I shared my frustrations about my son’s World Cup experience with close friends Ernie and Brian McBride. However, I have never threatened anyone and never will,” he said. In a statement on Wednesday.

Claudio’s messages began after informing his son Gio Reina that he would have a limited role in the tournament.

U.S. Soccer did not receive any details about the claims against Berhalter until Dec. 11, when an executive was told in a call with Claudio and Daniel Reyna that Berhalter, 49, had a history of domestic violence, sources told ESPN.

On Tuesday, Berhalter, whose contract as the U.S. coach expires on Dec. 31, released details of the incident with his wife. Long statements posted on Twitter.

“A man contacted US Soccer during the World Cup, saying they had information about me that would ‘take me down’ – an apparent attempt to gain something very personal long ago to end my relationship with US Soccer,” Berhalter said.

“In the fall of 1991, I met my soul mate. I was just 18 years old and a freshman in college when I met Rosalind,” Berhalter said. “One night, while drinking at a local bar, Rosalind and I got into a heated argument that continued outside. It got physical and I kicked her in the leg.”

Berhalter said authorities were never involved and that he later sought counseling. The couple reunited seven months later, later married and had four children.

“The lessons learned from that night three decades ago became the foundation of a loving, devoted and supportive relationship, which we honored and celebrated with our 25th wedding anniversary this past weekend,” Berhalter said.

In response to Berhalter’s characterization of the events, Daniel Reyna said, “Without elaborating, yesterday’s statements significantly diminish the abuse on the night in question. Rosalind Berhalter was my roommate, teammate and best friend, and I supported her through the trauma that followed.

“It took me a long time to forgive and accept Greg after that, but I worked hard to give him grace and eventually made them and their kids a huge part of my family’s life. I wanted and expected him to give. Also to Geo. Same grace. That’s why the current situation is so painful and difficult.”

After informing Stewart of Barhalter’s past incidents of domestic violence, the Federation immediately hired a law firm, Alston & Bird LLP, to conduct an independent investigation. The federation announced on Tuesday.

US Soccer made that current announcement on Wednesday USMNT assistant coach Anthony Hudson will lead the team During the January camp in California, “US Soccer’s full review of the USMNT program is still underway with the ongoing investigation and the conclusion of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.”

Austin FC’s current sporting director Claudio Reyna and Berhalter’s relationship spans decades. They played youth and high school soccer together, their respective US national team careers overlapped from 1994 to 2006, and their wives — Daniel Reyna (née Egan) and Rosalind Berhalter (née Santana) — were four-year teammates at the University of North Carolina.

When Berhalter was hired as the U.S. coach, Reyna praised the move, calling Berhalter “an exciting choice for the national team job.”

in a Interview with Grant Wahl in FebruaryRena said, “From [Berhalter’s] Experienced as a player, he wants to make sure they also understand the collective nature of playing for the team, which is very important. But given how excited and proud he is to see the game grow and how these players are playing at such a high level, domestically and internationally, making the decision to pick a squad, never mind a starting 11, is really tough. “

In June, Berhalter said on the “Gab and Jules Show” that when Gio was as young as 12 or 13, he saw the young man and realized that Gio would have a future in sports, noting that he was an exceptional football and basketball player.

“Now as the manager of the national team it has become a different relationship, but the connection is always there. The bond is always there,” said Berhalter. “Our families are very close. Very good friends and there are moments in Geo where I see him and — put him on the field or something. It’s very familiar. You’re seeing something that’s very familiar to you and it’s such a wonderful feeling. It’s It’s almost like you’re taking a family member into the game. It’s really fun.”

Despite dealing with injury problems over the past year, Raina, 20, has played regularly at the World Cup. Borussia Dortmund In the previous weeks and widely expected to play a meaningful role.

She didn’t. In four World Cup games, Reina made two appearances, coming off the bench to play seven minutes against England 45 and against in the group stage The Netherlands In the 16th round.

Upon learning her role, Rena admittedly did not respond well. In a Dec. 12 Instagram post, he said: “I let my emotions get the best of me and affect my training and behavior for a few days … I apologized to my teammates and coach for that and was told I was forgiven. “

Claudio Reyna has been Austin FC’s sporting director since November 2019, when he was hired after serving in the same role. New York City FC Since 2013. Austin’s head coach, Josh Wolff, was Berhalter’s assistant for five years Columbus crewand another year with the national team, before his appointment in Austin, which was four months before Raina’s arrival.

Reyna was elected to the National Soccer Hall of Fame in 2012, four years after he retired as one of the most accomplished American soccer players in history. After winning three national titles in college with Bruce Arena at Virginia, Reiner’s professional career spanned from 1994 to 2008, with stops in Germany, Scotland, England and the MLS.

At the World Cup closing ceremony, Reyna was the only former player to serve as part of the United States presidential delegation, which was led by Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the US ambassador to the United Nations.


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