Dead By Daylight – How To Boost FPS for Low-End PC’s & Laptops

For more information, check out this guide: A quick tutorial on how to boost your FPS and…

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  1. I've done most of what you said but the things regarding the screen resolution cause I didn't properly understand them, let's see if it works now !!!

  2. honestly I have a pretty good pc that's only a year old but something about this game makes my experience feel terrible compared to other games

  3. I'm really grateful, this video helped me even to update my PC into Windows 11, I didn't know about the driver updates stuff, thank you so much <3

  4. someone help me please 🙁 I have a Ryzen 5 3600 and 2070 super but im getting 5-20 fps

    I have done everything including the details said in this video, I have fps uncapped and updated drivers and everything but still very very low FPS

  5. on my laptop it feels so zoomed in, like compared to other dbd yt videos. any idea why? and my laptop screen size isn’t small so idk

  6. I can run most game on my "gaming" laptop (it's acer for anyone wondering) it gets a solid 80 – 100 fps on most games but it's peak fps on dbd was 60 and it felt like i was playing on 40- 50 frames i did stuff and it's now at a steady 60 but i want more so that i can record and maybe stream without going back to 40 – 50 frames. I did everything except the nvidia settings and the graphics settings after so hopefully i get way more frames 😀 TYSM @tech how

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