Death Stranding 2 Full Presentation with Hideo Kojima | The Game Awards 2022


The Game Awards unveiled Death Stranding 2, the sequel to Hideo Kojima’s acclaimed game. Hideo Kojima himself went to the…

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  1. I can't wait to play it. I loved Death Stranding, replaying it right now again. Loved Higgs and the vibe he brought. The story was fantastic as well as the overall ambience and atmosphere,. Looking forward for what has DS2 in store for us.

  2. Death Stranding wasn't just another throwaway triple A title. It was an experience, if you know. You know. I honestly can't wait for DS2.

  3. This is not a franchise Kojima should pursue, it's good, at times fascinating but all the while playing DS I couldn't help but think what could have been
    .. Un-doubtedly very creative but i'm sorry combined with Horizon Zero Dawns engine I just couldn't see why Sony couldn't buy out Konami for the MGS franchise and give him the background and expenditure to create a console winning title and if it doesn't work oversee the remakes of MGS 1-4, considering the lengths MS have gone to buy up some top class studios this would give them leverage…. PS5 players can't even play the PS3 exclusive MGS4 so at least give us a remake we can… It's obv and that's why it hurts sooo much

  4. First thing I noticed is the fact that fragile doesn’t have wrinkly skin – prequel or at least more back story?? Or am I forgetting something??

  5. I have done some research from an odd source and this is what i found… (from page 513) ''When the Pre-OT has a transparent body and a clear area around it to some distance

    (barring perception of other people’s difficulties) and when he realized he is alive and very much himself” and from the same document (current final level) 'refers to and i quote ''actual super powers'' and ''ability to handle infinite power, at some point during the running of this series of processes the person will reach a state wherein they are speechless. They will laugh with wild abandon. Their TA will be floating! They will probably also be exterior and will be unable to communicate in words what they are experiencing''. Time to dig deeper i think.

  6. The first game was, to be short, a futuristic, post-apocalyptic mailman simulator. I hope the second one won't turn into the same.

  7. I really appreciate this guy depiction of what a video game is. His thoughts that started in Metal Gear Characters came to fruition in Death Stranding. Literally Death Stranding is a Metal Gear game in disguise with a much wilder universe where he can explire his ideas.

    The single player game saw the light with Hideo Kojima. I hope this bloke continues his carreer forward. He's doing great.

  8. The one Called Lamorak
    1 second ago
    Can we perhaps make this one a tad less tedious on the grinding for materials? You know, for those of us that work for a living and don’t have 100’s of hours to build roads?

  9. Mr. Hideo Kojima, thank you.
    Thank you very much for an experience which touched many many hearts in the world.
    A piece of art which showed the world what the medium of games is capable of.
    I'm absolutely sure this will be a master piece just like the first one.
    Again thank for such an awesome experience.

  10. No joke im in the last course of death stranding and i have to say leaving a couple of complains of the game itself overall its an really amazing videogame that has many existential and philosophical themes very well narrated , i dont think is a game for everyone but i really enjoyed it, i hope that this secuel turn out even better.

  11. first one was enough. DS excelled in its physics realism, but the monsters part is gimmicky and infantile. the tech in DS should be used in a mil-sim title like ghost recon.

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