Delhi Woman Dies After Car Drags Her For 12 Kilometres On New Year Morning


Anjali, 20, died after being hit by a car and dragged for several kilometers

New Delhi:

A 20-year-old woman died after her scooty collided with a vehicle and was dragged under the vehicle for 12 km in Delhi this morning, police said. The woman’s family alleged that she was sexually assaulted. Five people were in the car, a Maruti Suzuki Baleno, and have been arrested, police said. Those arrested include a credit card collection agent, a driver and a ration shop owner, a police official told NDTV.

Delhi Lt Governor VK Saxena tweeted that he was “shocked by the appalling insensitivity of the criminals” and was monitoring the case.

“Even as much support/assistance as possible and beyond, will be ensured to the victim’s family, I appeal to all not to resort to opportunistic filth. Let’s work together towards a more responsible and sensitive society,” he said in another tweet.

The incident took place this morning in Delhi’s Sultanpuri, within hours of the New Year celebrations starting at midnight.

After pushing his scooty, the vehicle went for 10-12 km even as his limbs got stuck in the undercarriage of the vehicle, police said.

The woman’s mother Rekha alleged that the men sexually assaulted her. “His clothes could not be completely torn off. His whole body was naked when they found him. I want a full investigation and trial,” he said.


The woman’s scooter was involved in an accident

The woman’s uncle Prem Singh said he received a call from his wife at 11 am that Anjali had died. “My elder sister (Anjali’s mother) got a call at 7 am informing her that Anjali had met with an accident and her body was in the postmortem room of Sanjay Gandhi Hospital,” said Mr. Singh.

“My sister was called to the police station. Even though the car and the scooty were there, they did not show her where the accident happened. There was blood everywhere. There was blood on the side sheet metal,” he said.

“This case is like the Nirbhaya case. The men tried to do something bad… I want justice,” he alleged.


Maruti Suzuki Baleno which hit Anjali’s scooty

The police control room received a call at 3.24 am that a vehicle was dragging a body. Around 4.11am, police received another call about a woman’s body lying on the road. Following this, the police alerted officers deployed on pickets and began searching the vehicle, news agency ANI reported.

The woman named Anjali is a resident of Aman Bihar. He is survived by his mother, four sisters and two brothers, one aged nine and the other 13. He was the eldest. His father died a few years ago.

“Police arrested the accused based on the vehicle’s registered number. The accused said their car met with an accident with a scooty, but they did not know that he was dragged along with their car for several kilometers,” Delhi Police officer Harendra K Singh told ANI, social media. Some posts have been added to the media claiming that it is a fake rape case and the police will take action against those posting such content.

Delhi Commission for Women chief Swati Maliwal said the men in the car were reportedly drunk.

“The matter is very dangerous. I will summon the Delhi Police to find out more details about the incident. The whole truth should come out,” Ms Maliwal told reporters.

Police said five people are being tested for drunk driving and are checking whether the driver was under the influence.


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