Democrat Mary Peltola Beats Sarah Palin in Alaska House Race

U.S. Representative Mary Peltola has been elected to a full term in the House months after the Alaska Democrat won a special election to…

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  1. To all the “WHY ELECTION WEEK IT TOOK TOO LONG PROOF OF CHEATING” idiots. Alaska took a week in 2020. Was that cheating? Did Trump not really win? Did you take issue with his victory? Of course you didn’t. Same way you didn’t give a shit about mail in voting in red states or prior to 2016, the same way you didn’t give a shit about the media projecting a winner prior to 2020 (especially when they did in 2016 before Trump even hit 270), and the same way you didn’t give a shit about Ranked Choice Voting till this year.

    None of this shit is ever any issue until it doesn’t work in your benefit.

  2. Ok the Democrat only got 48% of the vote 2 Republicans and a libertarian split the other 52% so if it wasn't for the stupid way Alaska votes the Democrat would of lost easily so com down leftists!!!!!

  3. Lol Dixie Democrats winning in Alaska super plausible!!! Basically counting on you having never been to Alaska or met anyone from Alaska

  4. Only took two weeks to count the votes. Just a huge coincidence that the longer it takes to count the votes the greater the chance a Dem will win right?

  5. I just want to take a moment and give special thanks to Gen Z, progressives, and women voters who understand that having abortions, defunding police, runaway inflation, out of control spending, devaluation of the dollar, and providing sanctuary for illegals was far more important than anything else in this past election. Without your well thought out and practical votes, we could never have the amazing culture of lawlessness that we have now. Thank goodness you saved democracy!

  6. We The People know Sarah Won! Huge election fraud there too, unfortunately, we must fix it, get rid of the machines and No mailins all illegal to begin with. It’s unconstitutional! NCSWIC 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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