1. Mexico basically in the same spot the US is. Both tied the team they would be fighting with for 2nd place. Both will now play groups toughest team and finish it off with the supposed minnows.

    His 1 penalty kick save best
    of all game. Later 0-0. 1-0 Mexico lose if not for him. Also best play his. 🤮🤢😥🤣🤣

  3. I admire Alexi soccer points of view. Very American minded and spoken. We need you to commission the North American leagues or better yet run for President of the concacaf. And let Mexico and the US with Canada resurrect the first ever Nations League. Also let Mexico back in the South American tournaments.

  4. Now the real test will be with Argentina. If Argentina takes their loss and puts it into determination and not sulking, El Trí is looking at a potential hard loss.

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