Did We Lose The Game of the Century? | VM VLOGS S3 E7 (Recap of Vikings, Jets and Packers Games)


Leading us to the Buffalo Bills as they play against the Cleveland Browns in Detroit due to inclement weather, Von Miller takes us through the last 3…

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  1. definitely not the game of the century….that crown goes to the afc division game between the Chiefs and the Bills or the 2019 Rams and Chiefs game. this game was incredible though to say the least.

  2. I told ya' Von – you're the coolest guy in the NFL but please don't beat my Lions. I'd have to unsubscribe (not really). Happy thanksgiving, man.

  3. Von feels like OBJ is leaning towards Dallas. Please convince to him to come here. Dallas,Frisco, Giants and Chief all have won Superbowls. Please explain to OBJ to come here and help us get out first Lombardi trophy ever. Tell him to come here and help you to make history and be apart of something special. Make it Happen Von for the Mafia.

  4. I gotta say… if I had to choose a 2nd team to root for, you guys would be it. But… I'm a MN Vikings fan, and yes, that was the game of the century because I'm pretty sure you guys were favored to win that game! Hard-fought… as a fan I couldn't ask for anything more. Congrats on a great effort, but watch out… It's time for the Vikings to do some things too! See you in… the Superbowl? Haha we'll see… SKOL Vikes!

  5. Vons vibes are off the charts. Never before seen levels of vibes. Experts are saying this may be the best vibes we’ve seen in decades. Forecast is calling for immense vibes

  6. Hey Von I've been a Bronco fan since the Eighties watching John elway do his magic But he didn't win the Super Bowl until we had a running game and a defense I would love to see Buffalo run that ball a little bit more especially when you have the lead .Since my Broncos been playing like s*** You're the only one I have to look forward to on Sundays Good luck and kick a**

  7. Thank you Von for bringing a positive and upbeat mentality to this team. Hopefully the Offense can pick up some of your coolness and patience so Bills don't lose out on silly turnovers like recently.

  8. Not worried Von, same thing after last years bye week and then we tightened it up. I do worry about Josh's arm though.

  9. I’m super convinced Josh needs some kind of nutrition after throwing up before every game. His decision making is off man. “ Suger High Josh” just needs brain food. Dudes a pro athlete running on an empty stomach.

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