Doctor Reacts To The Worst TikTok Medical Advice

You all sent me WILD Tiktoks to promote downright dangerous and inaccurate medical advice, so I’ve brought them all together for another TikTok React. Today we look at buttergirl eating butter dipped in ragu, how to stop your period, synthol guy building muscle with oil injections, sunburn contouring, only jayus body hacks, extreme stretching, sparkling water vs tap water, colon cleanse, russian chiropractor treatments, cigars vs cigarettes, tobacco use, garlic in your nose to clear congestion, gatorade acidity, clearing your baby’s sinuses, keloid scars, microneedling, ear candling, earwax removal and as always CHEST COMPRESSIONS! I enjoy reading your comments and take your suggestions seriously. If there’s a topic you’d like me to discuss or something you’d like me to respond to, please leave a comment below. Many of my videos are from suggestions directly from you, so don’t hold back! -Doctor Mike Varshavski Help us continue the fight against medical misinformation and change the world by becoming a charity by becoming a Doctor Mike Resident on Patreon where I donate 100% of the proceeds each month to charity, organization or charity of your choice! Residents get access to bonus content, an exclusive discord community, and many other benefits for just $10 a month. Become a resident today:

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  1. 5:40 a really good cold tip for y'all, if your nose is blocked I recommend an Olbas Inhaler. It's made of oils that cleanse out your sinuses variously well. I use it every time!

  2. Had someone I went to high school with die from his colonic due to them perforating his bowls. If you want a good colon clense, just schedule a colonoscopy. They will give you stuff that will clear thing out that you ate while in elementary school.

  3. Fish must swim okay what about the Dead Sea it's water right but fish don't swim in it because they die the definition of water is H2O water is made up of two things hydrogen and oxygen that is the definition of water

  4. Barring the dangers of injecting, I would never EVER want "muscles" that look like bubbles bigger than my head.

    ETA: I swear, those Chinese medicine 'exercises' are made for those who don't like actual exercising.

  5. I took health class and I don't regret it. imp now informed enough to handle most types of common emergencies (Not treat just stuff like crp and splints). I hope one day it comes into use because that class was hell.

  6. My daughter has poop problems but she's seeing a doctor and she's working on it in 2 weeks she's going to a doctor and the doctor is gonna pull out poop so comment good luck because she's very scared

  7. Yeah her menstrual cycle definitely didn't stop due to that one drink. There's a lot of things that can cause your period to be delayed or even start early, but none that are really in our control so to say. Things like your diet, your exercise regiment (if you have one), internal and external stressors like mental illness or family/career issues, a change in your sleeping pattern and like you mentioned travel or the people you're around. Some women say their cycles will "sync" up with other people's when they're around them for a while. And I've had my period straight up stop in the middle of my cycle when I go to get in water to shower or swim (it then starts again after I dry off.. I'm assuming there's an evolutionary reason for this) . So I highly highly doubt that the one drink was the sole contributor to her period being delayed, unless the drink tasted so awful it caused an intense stress reaction ☠🤣 Poor girl is gonna think she's safe for the day and then get smacked with it right in the middle of some public place; happens to me all the time. If it's around that time of the month, even if you're off by a little bit, always bring your ibuprofen and sanitary products with you just in case; cuz there is no magical elixir that stops your period on command. If there was there would definitely be a whole market for it already.

    OH MY GOODNESS when she put her mouth up to the baby at 8:00 that triggered my flight-or-fight response instantly… I'm thinking maybe I shouldn't have kids cuz my anxiety for that was so high for no reason lmaoo

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