Don't Buy a “Gaming Chair” – Office Chair vs. Gaming Chair Round-Up & Review

Gaming chairs have become mainstream, but blatant copy and paste by most “manufacturers” has resulted in a stagnant industry with poor value for money versus even cheap office chairs. Sponsor: Buy Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut on Amazon ( or Hydronaut paste (

This video contains mini reviews of various office chairs that we have been using in the office for about a year now. The project started in December 2019, then we filmed most of the video in August 2020 and added the closing thoughts in December 2020. All these seats have been swapped between the team for months now and in the end we all chose our favourites. Patrick eventually preferred the ErgoChair 2, Steve preferred the Aeron after a lot of tweaking and effort to find the best positioning, Keegan and Andrew use the Komene Mesh chair (who comes in first – we’ll buy a second one fix this), and Mike will be using the SL4000, but will probably also switch to an office chair once he decides which one he prefers. He doesn’t like the SL5000 as much as the SL4000, because of the wider base of the 5000. We’ll talk about whether a gaming chair is worth it, how they compare to desk chairs with similar prices, and the few times we think a gaming chair makes sense. Please note that this is completely subjective, but to soften the subjective nature of a seat, we involved the entire GN team in the content editorial process. Still, it’s likely that your own unique needs, setup, and your body will require a different chair than what we’ve all come to love. That’s totally fine, and feel free to share your own favorites in the comments in a constructive way that can help other viewers. Our biggest problem with gaming chairs, though, is how little innovation they have – but there’s room to make them better, if only someone would try to commit to it. We even went through the process of getting quotes to make our own gaming chair (we don’t actually make it) to determine the cost and difficulty. Both are low. RELATED PRODUCTS Memory Foam Office Chair Armrest Pads That GN Uses (on Amazon):
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** Like, comment and subscribe for more! ** TIMESTAMPS 00:00 – Office chair vs. Gaming Chair Round-Up 01:46 – Gaming Chairs come from the Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V factories 02:59 – Gaming chair popularity sales data 03:43 – Glorified sticker factories 04 :04 – Gaming chairs can shine in one place 05 :07 – “Making our own “GN chair” (not really) 08:53 – Office vs gaming chairs in this roundup 10:32 – Blind quality test example with GN Staff 12:55 – Chairs take a long time to evaluate 14:19 – Gaming Chairs Review 5:41 PM – Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair vs. Gaming Chairs 8:50 PM – Amazon Cheap Office Chair Mini Review 11:15 PM – Komene Mesh Office Chair (well-received) 25:42 – ErgoChair 2 from Autonomous (well-received) 28 :04 – Conclusion 29:05 – Personal fitness can be more important than the chair 30:40 – Some reasons to buy a gaming chair – Don’t Feel Bad Links to Amazon and Newegg are usually monetized on our channel (affiliate links) and may return a commission from the sale to us from in the shopkeeper. This is independent of the manufacturer of the product. Any advertising or sponsorship is listed in the video (“this video is brought to you by”) and above the fold in the description. We never produce paid content or “sponsored content” (meaning that the content is our idea and not externally funded, other than the initial ad placement), and we never charge manufacturers for coverage. Follow us in these locations for more gaming and hardware updates: t:

Host, Editorial: Steve Burke Testing, Editorial: Patrick Lathan, Keegan Gallick, Andrew Coleman, & Guests Video: Keegan Gallick, Andrew Coleman

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  1. As stated in the description and video, of course, there are times a gaming chair might make sense; in general, however, our opinion on this very subjective matter is that you should buy a similarly priced office chair for the best outcome. But, as everyone's body is different and setups are different, you shouldn't feel bad about liking your gaming chair if you do have one and like it. This video includes mini-reviews of several office chairs that we've now been using for about a year at the office. The project started in December of 2019, then we filmed the bulk of the video in August of 2020, and added concluding thoughts in December of 2020. All of these chairs have been swapped around between the team for months now, and we eventually all picked our favorites. Patrick ended up preferring the ErgoChair 2, Steve preferred the Aeron after much adjustment and struggling to find the best positioning, Keegan and Andrew use the Komene Mesh chair (whoever comes in first — we're buying a second one to solve this), and Mike uses the SL4000, but will probably also switch to an office chair once he decides which one he prefers. He does not like the SL5000 as much as the SL4000, due to the 5000's wider base.
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  2. Mesh chairs are so shitty. They feel alright for a while but inevitably the mesh just gives way and doesn’t support well anymore.

  3. Absolutely spot on, especially the Noblechairs Icon. I currently own this and the arm rests are stupidly uncomfortable. I've had it for just over 2 years now and I cannot wait to get rid of it. Currently researching office chairs for an Christmas gift to myself!!

  4. I made the mistake and bought a “gaming chair” off Amazon. Immediately had to put an old pillow on the back for pain.. havnt had pain since (almost a year) but is definitely annoying.

  5. Would have liked to see a steel case leap in here as that seems to be the big competitor to the aeron while having a completely different design

  6. I have a metal cage in my lower spine (L4-L5) and sit in a chair 8 to 12 hours a day. I've been through a lot of chairs. Nothing ever feels right. Mainly the seats become flat and feel like you're sitting on a 2×4. And yeah, I've sat in places with "bench seats" that were about the size of a 2×4 (prior military, LOL). I loath spending over $400 on a chair because I have a fixed income and need to budget carefully. But, I need a good chair. I've had mesh before but it wears out and becomes garbage after a few months or sags in the seat and I like a firmer (Memory Foam Feel) on my backside since there's not a lot of "built in" cushion back there. Height adjustment is another critical area. I'm not tall by any stretch of the word …LOL. I need a chair that can adjust up to about 30" to 31" at the cushion level. I have spent the last year looking at chairs. I've seen the same crap by different manufactures. Omega has some Cloth Options and although they're similar they are also different. I just don't want to have to build up the padding again with folded blankets like my current chair. I honestly HATE chair shopping. Cheers! Stay Healthy and Stay Sane!

  7. I’m kind of sad they don’t have one of the newer secret lab chairs because I’ve been told that at least as far as gaming chairs go those are the best for you…

  8. For me the thing that pushed the Aeron chair over the top was the 12 year warranty. I am a fairly large dude at 6'3" 260. I freaking destroy chairs. After buying two $400+ gaming chairs in the same year, and having one break and drop me on my back, I decided I would go back to what I sat in at the office. Primarily because I used it for 10 years without even thinking about it. The gaming chairs however were both initially comfortable, then felt like sitting on cement after about 2 months. The aeron chairs mesh is still holding up almost 2 years later and has not sagged despite my squatch like ass spending 50+ hours a week in it.
    Add the breathability of it in the summer, and the complete lack of "swamp ass", and I would take it every day of the week.

  9. "Gaming chairs" is a marketing ploy.

    Its really an office chair with a fancier design and maybe a few things extra. but really a regular old office chair is all i need for my needs.

    edit: when i was a kid / teenagers i used to think gaming chairs were cool, but as an adult now i think their just gimmicky too appeal to the lesser minds of our youth. and honestly an old chair would do just fine for me. A dining room chair would do fine for gaming honestly.

  10. Gaming chairs are garbage. They make sense like a "Gaming fork and knife set" or a "Racing air freshener". People have been building and improving chairs long before this computer thing took off. Guess what. You can put castors on a Lazyboy. Do it once and you'll never go back.

  11. if you keep fit and move a lot then you basically can sit on anything without any problems.
    if you have backpain and think that the chair is at fault then you might be very wrong, work on your back and lower back muscles to keep hip and spine properly in place.

  12. I have a used Herman Miller Aeron. 500 bucks. It might as well have been new. It's built like a tank. It's not like any other chair I've ever seen really. It's all metal, but has the look of every other chair. Really, every other chair has copied the Herman Miller. They haven't really changed the design much in a very long time. Don't buy one unless you want it forever. It'll never break.

  13. I ended up getting the Aeron soon after I watched this video, and it's been amazing.

    I can't imagine going through the hassle of having to replace a gaming chair, after it inevitably fails.

  14. I've got that Komene chair, it hasn't aged well in one year. The rubber on the arm rests has expanded so they no longer fit in place, and I haven't managed to glue them in place… Now looking for another chair.

  15. The only good quality "gaming chair" is the SecretLab Titan, IMO. They´ve put more research and design in that chair than the other brands from what I can see. They also come with 5 year-warranty which probably suggests it has a more premium build.

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