Dr. Paul Mason – 'Ketogenic nutrition in athletes: A review of current evidence'


Dr. Paul Mason received his medical degree cum laude from the University of Sydney, and also holds a degree in physiotherapy…

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  1. struggeling a bit with adaption, my running V02max has plummeted from 65 to 57 since going LCHF. i generally feel well but depite consistent running training I havent been able to raise my performance even a point in about 6 months….. Im a very experienced runner and have dropped and raised my fittness in cycles most years, just cant raise it again this year. inflamation down and strength and recovery good, just cant run fast for long anymore. any advice appreciated 🙂

  2. totally anecdotal, but my results agree with this. i was honestly blown away at how long it took for my high intensity exercise potential to recover, but now it is higher than it ever has been!

  3. Just quickly calculated that I would be able to run a marathon on fat alone if fat oxidation stays at 1.6g/min…. that is probably why I never met the "man with the hammer" after dropping pasta and bread. Nice to know!

  4. Fabulous work by all the involved…..learning a lot. Thank you

    Its early days for me but it seems that my efficiency in the gym room (sailing through my 1RM) has gone up as I increased by fat intake with reduced carb. I am still at 30% carbs but am absolutely certain that I am burning fat because I have reduced 1.5 kilos in 3 days into the diet. It is significant reduction considering I am fit and been at 73 kilos (plus minus 1kilo) since last 3/4 years.

    Am I missing something here? My performance improved…weight reduced and progression is fantastic.

    Therefore, is it fair to summerise that training contributes heavily to adapting a high fat diet and we may have to look into 'several weeks' concept further. You can check my training capabilities here: https://umeshchhikara.wordpress.com/.

    I am going further with my research….however, I would like to conduct a research with top professional athletes where I would like to see the transformation in 2 weeks, both – in fat adaptation and performance. Its already been done as Dr. Mason highlighted a few studies here however, in this case, you are looking at athletes (including myself) who have been consuming good fat most of their life (with carbs) so I guess the metabolism system is already in place. Else what do you make of my adapation? In my opinion it only gets better from here as I bring down the carb slowly to 15%?

    It seems that 'proper training' is the key to adapting to high fat intake and burn it. I think it is possible, most definitely, in my case and also in athletes. Please let me know if anybody wishes to collaborate with me for this research. I am likely to have the athletes (top Indian sports league) for 3 to 4 weeks (I will ask for 4) training program before the season and I am looking to associate with someone who can handle the measurements, muscle biopsies etc to derive to conclusions. Happy to learn and implement whatever is needed in terms of taking precautionary measures and collaborate on the study fully. Those of you who have any doubts on my knowledge or proficiency please check my page. And if you are still not convinced then wait for the study to come out 🙂

    Please feel free to ask any questions as I would like to learn more and more on the magical 'fat'.

    Right now my assignment is scheduled for end August……

  5. Why do medical doctors say “my name is Doctor xxxxx”. There name is not Doctor anything. Doctor is their title. They can say, “hi, I am Doctor xxxx”

  6. Great video! I wonder if the VO2 max chart was based on a crossover study? I'm thinking that fitness and carnitine levels would play an important part in controlling CPT1 enzyme levels in the liver and downstream MCT creation.

  7. Worth the concentration it takes to compensate for having to subconsciously translate Australian pronunciations, while coping with distortions in the recording. The information here confirms what the more "pop" Keto docs are saying. Worth listening to several times, and making notes.

  8. How does a Ketogenic Diet affect resistance training and performance? How can one be in a Ketogenic, build muscle and avoid catabolism?

  9. The CICO people think that the 'calories out' portion comes from some big magical block of energy from the shadow realm. They ignore how the 'calories out' portion of the equation can come from different parts of your body depending on how/what you eat or how your body has ways of altering the 'calories out' portion of that equation i.e. fatigue, body temperature, sleep changes, perspiration, metabolic slowdown, even mental changes.

    Nah, it's all the same to them. Once it's in your body, it all comes out the same way with no side-effects or differences in efficiency.

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