Easy Keto Indian Butter Chicken Recipe | Karen and Eric Berg

View the full recipe here: https://www.drberg.com/blog/butter-chicken
and then check out Keto Naan Bread Recipe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZecT2aGxu4&feature=youtu.be

Butter chicken is a fantastic Indian dish packed with flavour. I think you’re going to love this. Timestamps 0:00 Keto-friendly butter chicken 0:48 Tasting the keto butter chicken 1:35 How to make keto butter chicken In this video, we are going to share with you a delicious butter chicken recipe. We love Indian food. Unfortunately, we discontinued it because it usually contains a lot of ingredients that are not keto-friendly. But with this recipe, we can get delicious butter chicken that’s totally keto-friendly! If you’ve been missing Indian food like butter chicken, you must try this keto recipe. It’s packed with flavor without the sugar. You can even have this with our fantastic keto-friendly naan! Hope you enjoy this delicious keto butter chicken recipe. Thanks for looking!

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  1. I just did this.. and my god. It is f'in amazing.
    Been on Keto for close to 6 weeks now and lost about 39 pounds, jesus Dr. Berg and IF + Keto was the best thing that ever happened

  2. Im an Indian and we cook these all the time. Where did you get the idea that we use sugar in our foods???? Very few dishes call for sugar and that too in very small quantities. If you try South Indain dises there is hardly any sugar The only Province that eats a little sugar in their curries are Bengalis.

  3. The original butter which is available here in India.. delhi to be specific does not have any sugar. .. it's loaded with butter and cream.. fully keto compliant. If you ever plan to visit India I'll take you places for authentic butter chicken and other mouth watering delicacies you'll miss once back to the states.

  4. Just tried this and must say that it is 8 YEAR OLD APPROVED served over cauliflower rice!! My daughter is a picky eater and this took me y surprise! So yummy thank you!

  5. Wrong……that’s too much turmeric..you need only 6 ingredients chicken,quarter onion, butter , heavy cream, kasuri methi, tomatoes

  6. '"naan" of your business!' 😀
    I bet it's mixed powder of almond, chia, flax. The butter chicken recipe is almost legit. Only difference is we don't have anything called 'curry powder', and we would add a little cashew nut paste to thicken the gravy.

  7. Made this, along with the keto naan and some cauliflower rice. Absolutely delicious! The depth of flavour in the chicken curry is amazing.

  8. Yum, I have half a container of cream left from making broccoli cheese soup, now I know exactly what I can do with it, yeah. Thanks
    BTW – I make my own garlic/ginger paste from fresh- freeze small batches but it keeps in fridge for a long time.

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