Elon Musk restores Donald Trump's Twitter account

Musk made the decision after conducting a Twitter poll.

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  1. Glad to see it. Rampant censorship and cancel culture turned enough people away from liberalism already. Funny it's the same people who religiously followed and spread trump's tweets in order to make fun of him that made his Presidential campaign get the most coverage in history, probably getting him elected, then they ban him and want to wash their hands of it.

    Twitter is a cesspool

  2. 🗣️FREE SPEECH should NOT be censored. Eliminating it does not correct or fix the issue. Addressing it, and Creating an openly honest conversation is imperative in understanding any narrative or opinion. RIGHT or WRONG LIKED or DISLIKED.

    🤬 THE ONLY CORRECTIVE COURSE and ACTION is simply Just Labeling It for its context.

    A PUBLIC/SOCIAL DEWEY DECIMAL SYSTEM FOR which allows new opinions and diverse perspectives to be added to public conversations across all social networks in their appropriate location based on the lexicon and subject being used.


    AND LET THE READERS CHOOSE and DECIDE to engage or disengage. The Labels then follow and attach themselves to their writers/authors in a color coded system so they can be identified across other social networks.

    Catalog what it is, and simply Describe the Diction/Rhetoric being shared publicly. Use algorithms to follow the context/words being used.

  3. Kinda gangster that Trump could just create a completely new site bc he got banned lol decent number of followers over there but not close to his numbers on twitter

  4. Fine with me as long as musk can be charged with accessory to the incitement of violence. Cause you know that's exactly what POS will do.

  5. Elon Musk is an attention ‘ho. That’s why he does these things. How you deal with some like that is you don’t pay attention to them or buy/use their products.

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