ENGLAND 6-2 IRAN – Highlights Pitch Side LIVE!


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  1. I'm from iran
    And this was not our national team
    We are in the middle of a revolution and god knows what situation these players are in. They are technically hostages in there, their family might be in danger in iran. And no one is sad in here for the loss
    And the line-up was SUPER sus.
    They've put some players in the pitch who were never the best choice. They've put ali karimi in , just because he had the same name with the legendary ali karimi who is now fighting against islamic republic and people cheer for him everywhere.
    Many of people here celebrated all the goals of england.
    Its tragic what the government did to these people, we were one of the most hard headed fans of our team in the world, we celebrated the loss against the big teams in the past just because we played really good , and now , in the best case , nobody cares if iran gets destroyed in the world cup
    Congrats guys , and good luck to england in the tournoment


  2. oh hell no i open the video and hear portugal wont pass the groups lmao. portugal has 10x the english quality even without ronaldo

  3. That Wilson unselfishness for the last goal really sparked different reactions. Some were impressed others wanted him to finish 😂

  4. I am an Iranian, but I do not support the Islamic Republic of Iran team, neither I nor my people, because our players did not care about the revolution that is happening in Iran now and kills dozens every day. They came to the street for your win and cursed the regime and their football players (of course, not all of them like us).

  5. Would love too see the match clock during these highlights, or maybe a description of what is happaning while the boys react in the background.

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