England DESTROY Iran 6-2 At the 2022 FIFA World Cup!


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  1. ENG 0 – 0 USA not so much of "DESTROY"-ish performance!!, Iranian players were playing under loads of political and other pressure which was absolute benefit for england and still managed to score 2 golas. I think you should have more sportsmanship manner than using words to hurt while speaking about "sports"

  2. the air conditioning isnt implemented at the khalifa stadium because it was already built when they announced qatar had the world cup, but all the other stadiums however do have air conditioning since theyre newly built

  3. "ENGLAND destroy IRAN" lmao you just won a match not the whole tournament
    you should stay humble or you will cry like 4 years ago 😅

  4. Please show some more of Qatar I know you didn’t want too but it would be good to see from an actual fan pov not the crap the media keep portraying

  5. Outdoor air conditioning is not a thing that exists. Lol. Air conditioning is only possible in closed spaces. The talk of air conditioned stadia was if it was happening in the summer.

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