England vs. Iran FULL PREVIEW: It's TIME for England to MAKE A RUN! – Ale Moreno | ESPN FC

The ESPN FC crew watch England’s opening game against Iran and discuss how far the side can go in the 2022…

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  1. With right selection of players and tactics and formation England will cruise to victory but if is otherwise there will be gnashing of teeth after full time

  2. Same old problem with ol Slabhead, Tomori would have been the better option, we'll have to see I mean would you rather see us play exciting football and go out of the group stages or play very defensively and go further, I know which one I'd pick

  3. England are poor they have a poor manager if they play pickford they are screwed we will win 1 game in the group draw 1 and lose 1 dont expect much and hopefully Southgate gets sacked

  4. Southgate dosent want them to win(its aint coming home)theres something fishy going on there😠. Why would he leave Phil Foden out hes the best player England has its crazy. Maybe there is a curse its the English squad Managers curse they're all sh*thouse but the curse makes the selectors select the worst of the sh*thouse bunch. Southgate's a dud everyone can see it except those who choose the Manager's

  5. Not sure I share Oggy’s “optimism” about the group stage. All 3 of England’s opponents have some very good attacking players, they’ll be licking their lips if they come up against Maguire.

  6. Awful…they have no idea what they are talking about when it comes to Iran…they completely underestimate a team that won against Uruguay, drew against Portugal and only narrowly lost against Spain and Argentina. Please get proper pundits with some Asian football knowledge.

  7. Iran is a good asian team, nothing more nothing less. At this step of the competition only win matters, and pass comfortably. WC winners never start out that strong.
    Good luck England!

  8. I understand that southgate has a 25% win record against the worlds top 15 teams…. not so impressive and not sure why the PR aspects are rated so highly…. no wins there….

  9. They don’t even play the same position 🤷🏾‍♂️. Foden is an amazing talent but Saka is England’s best RW. Plain and simple.

  10. Iran will win 2-0
    Im not an iran fan or anything but they have some good technical football players
    And knowing England they will probably create alot

  11. There's a way to solve the midfield problem. Put Foden in CAM and take off Mount. Mason Mount is just not an elite player therefore he doesn't deserve to be a nailed down Starter.

  12. England have not won their first round group for nearly 20 years. England have never beaten tge USA at a World Cup. What lunacy for everyone to think that England will simply turn everyone over in this group.

  13. Dude said Magurie is not in form…my friend DonKey Maguriee has not been on form for over a year bud. Thats not what i call a player who is just not on form . Just say hes garabge !!!! Any moron could look good when you play with a set up up of three cbs and 2 box to box midfielders. Also the fact England plays so defensive does not hurt.

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