England vs. Iran Highlights | 2022 FIFA World Cup

England and Iran faced each other at the World Cup. Jude Bellingham scored in the 35th minute. Bellingham is only 19 years old and is…

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  1. Absolutely awful highlights. Only 5 minutes and not even showing the foul for the penalty. Oh also 1 minute for the team intro so only 4 minutes of play. Horrendous

  2. As an American I gotta say that American commentator sounds waaaay too boring to be there, either get an American that is genuinely excited to commentate on the Sport or leave the commentating to the Brits.

  3. Wow, England did not give Iranian players to play the Bed-Soccer (meaning, they normally like to sleep on the field when they are up by one goal ) Great game!

  4. England is on a whole different level and can win the world cup this time around. The tempo and accuracy of their passing and scoring in this game was amazing. If they can play like this against USA and Wales they will beat them both teams by multiple goals. But, with all the drama in Iran politically I wouldn't count Iran out yet. If they can score two goals against this English team they can definitely beat Wales and USA and still qualify. The political turmoil in Iran could play to their advantage if they start playing like they have nothing to lose like they did in the second half when they scored the goals.

  5. That was super first touch, speed induced clinical finishing…hard to imagine they are English players. 4 and 5 in defense were not great. I worry about the England defense against a good side. Once they play a decent side we will know

  6. Let's see 5 ot the 6 goals on the english side were scored by African players and the other one was a pass from an African who gifted it to the anglo. 🙂

  7. Landon Donavan should just stick to studio analysis. Saying "Eye-ran" for 90 min and having no whit or personality when you're commentator beside one of the greatest commentators the game has was just sheer disappointment. Had to switch to Telemundo after half time

  8. They really need to let the games bake for longer, and staff up way more. Scarlet and Violet have some great gameplay and structural evolutions that are great for the series, which makes all the tech problems just sting more.
    Game Freak needs to invest more into their development team and give them the time they need to make a quality product.

  9. Never been a Technoblade fan, just discovered this randomly on Facebook.

    But I keep coming back to this whenever I feel really sad or down. Never fails to cheer me up.

    Rest in peace, Technoblade.

  10. If Iran team was emotionally fit for this game with all the stuff going on in their country and goalkeeper wasn’t substituted England had no chance.

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