1. We have another T** on the horizon and he's the governor of Florida. Be careful people, T** will be behind the scenes pushing his own agenda. If we're not careful we will be a dictatorship by 2025

  2. I don't believe all these people didn't know who and what Trump is and capable of doing. They all stood by him and supported and helped perpetuate his lies to the American people scheming His vindictive and the verbal abuse of his opponents and those who didn't agree with him. His character was no brainer.

  3. They're damned if they do, and damned if they don't! If Trump is charged and goes to jail, there will be more violence! But the most important thing is that NO ONE is above the law!

  4. You sure these women you have here on your show aren't talking manikins…like window shopping that stand still…and suddenly start to talk….CNN all new women's talking manikin show…

  5. These women have nothing other than opinion and hearsay. I never heard Trump direct anyone to take over the capital. I did hear him say to protest peacefully. I guess it’s okay for Democrats like Hillary and Stacey Abrams to say their election was stolen.

  6. The difference between trump and these women is the insurrection. They like all trump policies to the max. CNN is the new fox news for sho. The call progressives, far amd dangerous left. Bennie sanders is dangerous ? Really!

  7. It's ironic that now all of a sudden Trump supporters are not wanting to talk about it even though a day hasn't gone by since he LOST that they haven't posted about him on Facebook. Also, do they not realize that they have just as much to lose as non supporters if he isn't held accountable for violating the worst possible crime a President could face? Make it make sense.

  8. Maybe no suprise. I have friend who told me he lived in house with qanon members in toronto scarboroguh Canada. He told me theyre called him antichrist all the time becouse he was not in their qanon group. He was refugee and that quanon people was talk about holocaust not happend that way usa canada schools teach it and their leader raped a homeless girl in that house and than told to my refugee friend to dont help her and theyre sopke about if he talk about whats happening in that house than they will do phone call to immigration to deport him. And that qanon group has weapons. And in january 6 theyre laughed when usa policeman died in usa capitol and theyre hait tthe usa and canada government. Theyre want civil war and theyre arrogant narcisists full with hait vs other christians theyre hait women and theyre worship putin and said putin is the light to them who will bring the good times to them. Theyre usuly harvesting people in prisons mostly pedofiles and hait crime criminals.

  9. The Committee that are going after Ex-President Donald Trump is going to find nothing at all on January 6, 2021 it's will reveal nothing at all Just they hate Ex-President Donald Trump's

  10. I'll be shocked if Trump serves a single day in jail. Rich people in this country rarely, rarely serve time. I expect Trump to get some sort of suspended plea, and a fine he can easily pay (or get his sucker followers to pay). Rich people have to be at the Bernie Madhof (100% guilty ripping off other rich people), Jeffery Epstein (child molester, got away with it for years) level to end up serving hard time. Madhoff was in a facility referred to as "Camp Fluffy". He became best friends with infamous mob boss Carmine Persico, and was respected and treated with a similar respect by other inmates. Even the Sackler family got away with a slap on the wrist, after blatantly knowing their products were killing millions of people, more than Pablo Escobar ever could.

    Jail, like taxes, are for little people in the US.

  11. This sounds more like a Clinton saga… rape, treason, illegal servers, money laundering foundation, sudden death of former employee, on and on, huhhhh, much more to see here than fabricated stage attack act.

  12. Why are you giving these woman any airtime? If offered a job in any political Republican circle they would take it, and go back to being lying mouth pieces. CNN you are losing credibility.

  13. Yeah let’s put on Trumps staff who were with this guy until the very end as if he was an honest president u til January 6th?!?!? This is why I refuse to watch cnn!

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