EXCLUSIVE: One-on-One with projected Arizona Governor-Elect Katie Hobbs (D)

AZFamily political reporter Dennis Welch sat down with Katie Hobbs, who was expected to win the race to become Arizona’s next governor. For more local news from KPHO: https://www.azfamily.com/
For more YouTube content: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIrgpHvUm1FMtv-C1xwkJtw

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  1. Here is the new governor who was in charge of the elections board in Arizona,,how could she lose ,,she had control of the workers who counted the votes , what a scam.

  2. 5 minutes of this dude doing all the talking, what "sit down" are they referring to? They play one measly 10 second sound bite on abortion, and that's her entire campaign, if you could call it that.

  3. Denise finally did a good interview with Cari Lake because he knew the fix was in!! Hobbs is a dirty deal!! Darn Hobbs go to speech classes, quit the baby talk!!

  4. Big um um big um um changes um um the legislature is still red and Katie Hobbs will have to show more back bone to get anything done.

  5. Oh wow, she actually got on a stage to answer questions. Oh wait, it's not a debate! Lol
    Insanity keeps on taking over our nation. Hobbs is a proponent of abortion up to birth. She is weak and never explained her plans because she has none. She lost a discrimination case against a African american lady. The judge called her incompetent! She ran away from a African American reporter that just wanted to ask her questions. Later she was videoed with friends stating that she wasn't going to speak to a stranger about politics. Hobbs are you going to speak for AZ to strangers??

  6. Katie hasn't realized yet that she's been caught lmfaaooo this is what stupid looks and sounds like kids..take notes of what not to be when you grow up..a criminal

  7. I seen Kerry lake today filling out an application to flip hamburgers at McDonald's 🀣🀣🀣🀣cause she is a turd

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