1. Quand tu as Dupont/N Tamack et Lucu/Jallibert, sans oublier Couillou!?! Tu peux battre la Lune, les dragons de GoT, le diable lui-même! Quelle équipe!!! Mais quelle équipe! Elle va nous faire oublier toutes les autres et pourtant y avait du lourd! #Blancoaustralieessaidenulpart

  2. It would be interesting to see an "intercontinental Rugby Football Cup" between the winner of Heineken Cup and the one of Super Rugby. In Soccer Football this was an crucial step towards an improvement of that sport,

  3. I've been a fan of Virimi Vakatawa for years. Until not so long ago I thought he was in competition with Danty for a starting spot. Now I think the competition (if there is such) is with Fickou – Danty is just invaluable for this team.

  4. Australians played the catenacio on Dupont, using many men to choke him. That left spaces into the great wide open for fast players … like Penaud. We consider this game as a "match-nul", a draw, but at an unreal good level. Thank you gents of both teams.

  5. high tackle at 6.40, what a load of crap, this ref ( and other refs ) have no feeling for the game, laying on the wrong side of a ruck, yet the ball still comes back to the half back, penalty, should be play on, these minute infractions ( according to the rule book ) are what's ruining the game of rugby, rugby has become a bad game of rugby league with millions more rules and run by airheads that can't see that rugby as played 10 years ago was a far superior game to the one played now ( but still too many rules. ) minor infractions are not worth three point penalties, games are won and lost on stupid decisions by refs, ( some are obviously biased refs too )

  6. I am happy with the win (I am French) but happier to see the coming world cup which will be very disputed, competitive, tight and interesting to follow.

  7. Tbh, lack of intensity in this match. Well, that's compared to THE match of the weekend : Ireland vs SA ! Australia didn't even have their premium team, and the SA team France are facing this coming weekend are something else. Hope to see Les Bleus in better form and well prepared.

  8. The best thing about the game was the defense of the Pumas, they won the game. England did not fail in the attack, they just had a wall in front of them

  9. Rugby has become a BORING game of penalties, with occasional flare, if some individuals are in the mood! Change the rules. Assign loss of ground to penalties, instead of points. Teams will then make an effort to score tries instead of 'looking for' penalties and kicking 3 pointers the whole game. Penalty kicks are the death of Rugby.

  10. We are so fortunate right now, so many teams including these two could pull off the victory at RWC2023 based on current form. I'd say any of England, Ireland, France, South Africa, Australia or New Zealand have realistic prospects, with underdog prospects from Argentina, Wales, maybe even Scotland.

  11. Folau Faingaa is absolutely terrible at throwing lineouts.
    This isn't the first time he's completely messed up the line-out and cost the wallabies the game. It's the 4th or 5th.

    on top of that if you watch behind the scenes he's a really weird and uncomfortable man to be around. I think he genuinely ruins the team vibes.
    Lonergan is better than him, Pollard is better than him….wtf is rennie thinking.

  12. Jaco Peyper is probably ranked at the bottom of the refs. One should expect massive inconsistencies from him, like in this highlights package there are inconsistencies with penalising "the tackler for not rolling away". More and more northern hemisphere teams are using the tackler to roll into the supporting attacking players avoiding them from providing support. Evident in the URC and also in this weekend's international games. Why do refs allow that?

  13. Sans l'art et la manière certe mais gagné des wallabies affamés c'est jouissif et même une équipe de France laborieuse arrive à gagner fier d'être bleus ! 🇫🇷

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