Falcons Study: A healthy Marcus Mariota is CRIMINALLY UNDERRATED! | Retooled Quickly on O

Top Billin’ examines some throws and drafts from newly acquired veteran QB for the Atlanta Falcons, Marcus Mariota, who helps Atlanta re-equip quite quickly on offense #GoFalcons


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  1. I enjoy your enthusiasm for my team, but I call CAP on Mariotta being underrated. There are not a lot of QBs that have a resurgence at this point in their career. Nick Foles, Kirk Cousins are the only two that kind of come to mind. I don't even think he will finish the season as the starter.

  2. I try to tell people that Mariota was a really QB Heisman winner that went to a trash team. He mostly got hurt going too hard on a team with nothing putting it all on the line. I can't wait till he silence the nay sayers

  3. I did not realize how cerebral the that shoulder fake in the first play was. I been telling people to watch out for Mariota if he stays healthy. People never noticed he was elite in 2016.

    If his body has come back, he can get back to that. He's not one to get rusty mentally. Dude stays committed to the game. Ive watched every single game since 2012, and am also a huge matt ryan fan. But I'm excited for what Mariota can do. At the very least, it's gonna be fun.

  4. I can see that a lot of hating ass clowns watched this video , all I got to say is ,I'm 100% sure Mariota will have a better season than Matt Ryan and Ryan Tannehill ,mark my words.

  5. I’m sorry to say but I don’t think these comments will age too well because all the Hope in the world cannot make Marcus Mariota a good football player. If he was so good why has he been sitting behind Ryan Tannehill and Derek Carr. I do think he can be ok in Smiths offense but bad O line and Horrible defense is going to hurt him. He is not the type of quarterback that will come back and when you games and I don’t think the defense is good enough to keep them in games.

  6. Falcons Fans, you got a very good Receiving T.E in Firkser. He catches everything throw his way.

    I thought he was going to have a huge year last year with around 700-800 yards. But with the titans Oline players constantly being hurt , they used him alot to help the tackles to Block and didnt get alot of chances for passes. Hes smart as hell (Harvard Graduate) and has sticky Hands

  7. Die hard titans fan. This is the first time I have followed a player that wasnt on the Titans. I was excited af when he got signed to the falcons with Arthur Smith. If the titans dont win the Superbowl every single year that Mariota is in the League , then I hope and pray Mariota wins it and gets Super Bowl MVP each time. There isnt a better human on earth than Marcus. As a player, He was amazing in college and before he got hurt in the NFL, he was looking like a future H.O.F QB. Im pretty sure he broke several records as a rookie. (Mostly Team records. )
    12 games
    230 / 370
    2818 yards
    19 TDS 10 INT
    15 games

    He started getting hurt alot and wasn't seeing down the field anymore.

    But when it was time to put the team on his back and make a HUGE play for us… He did every time.

    I think him having 2 years to rest his body and get stronger… Plus, sit behind Carr for 2 years of studying defenses.. I honestly think he will be atleast a top 15 QB.

    I hope Tannehill wins comeback player of the year again this year … But if he doesn't, I hope and pray Marcus does.

  8. Finally, someone that knows something about football, and confirms that Marcus Mariota is a great quarterback. In Tennessee he was stuck behind an offensive line that couldn't protect Marcus if their lives depended on it. Kinda the same thing that happened to Joey Harrington in Detroit. Then Marcus goes to the Raiders as a backup to Carr. When Marcus did get to play in place of Carr, his efficiency and overall stats per snap were a good if not better than Carr. Props to Atlanta for snatching Marcus up. What a steal for a stud like him. Go Falcons and Go Ducks. I hope Marcus goes to the Ducks Bulldogs game and give Bo Nicks some good pointers on how to beat Georgia and hangs out on the Ducks sideline during the game. Marcus has been so f##king underrated almost his entire pro career.

  9. AJ definitely got gangsta snubbed for the top 100. I think he will carry that chip well this season. He's got some great match ups that should provide lots of good content this season. Glad to see your coverage Rise back Up on the to do list. Preciate it

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