Family YouTubers Do The Say Yes Challenge #Shorts

Family YouTubers take the Say Yes Challenge #Shorts.

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  1. You can say yes and not do what he tells u to because he didn't say to do anything he says he said say yes to anything he says

  2. Luke davidson i’m a very big fan so i wanted to tell you about my idea for the next video
    So the story is :

    Mom: How are you doing luke and what are you drawing there?
    Luke: I’m good and i’m drawing a (any drawing) my drawing is bad mom..
    (expecting mom to say the drawing is very good)

    Mom: yeah that’s kinda bad ,but you can do it!!

    Luke: (Gasp) or (mad)

    Please credit if you want

  3. Also, if she bought that Lamborghini she would of been dead and broke 😅and heartbroken 😭 the boy was like “MOM WHERE ARE YOU GOING, YOU CANNOT SAY NO”The mom *came back from the desert (room)*she was like “I KNOW I CAN’T SAY NO BUT YOU NEVER SAID ANYTHING ABOUT WRING IT “!but like bruh the mom was so shocked when she heard his son say Lamborghini like what did she expect,she should of came prepared 😅😜👾😟

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