FILM STUDY: Falcons Marcus Mariota WENT OFF in Preseason DEBUT!

Atlanta Falcons QB Marcus Mariota called for franchise QB against the Detroit Lions in their preseason opener. Rookie Quarterback Desmond Ridder was the backup for the night.

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  1. I think a lot of the football community is just taking it as fact that Mariota is a downgrade from Ryan. I’m not so sure if that’s true. Mariota’s ability to scramble and open things up works with the skill players they have better imo. They’re a fast team that was slowed by Ryan. Teams could double up Pitts and safety check Cordarrelle leaving open lanes which weren’t utilized by Ryan. The whole offense is going to look solid to start season until D’s catch up.

  2. Every Titans fan I know has always hoped for more success for Mariota. He seems like a really good guy and works hard and is dedicated to the game. Also, it's MARiota. Just like MARcus.

  3. AS a falcons fan i dont expect them to win the SB this year. BUT DAMN i expect them to be fun to watch. I HOPE Smith goes NO HUDDLE and lets him be himself. Being a titan fan as well Smith is the kind of OC /HC that is crazy enough to do it NO one has used him the WAY he should be. OAK put him in and he dominated by running and using options and boot legs. DO THAT. Dont take a scrambler and make him a pocket passer like they ruined Vick by doing.

  4. Such praise for someone who has just 2 passes. Granted we want our team to win, but let's be objective about our evaluation. The first drive had 3 broken plays and 2 penalties. Personally I think Marcus started running to quickly.

  5. It would be stupid to start the young kid ridder over mariota.. You must be blind of Mariota didnt show and prove off his first drive.that he can lead this team far this season.. Let the young ridder train and learn behind mariota and and be developed into a smart field general so when his time is called… He will be a playmaker any given sunday while being comfortable with what he learned from mariota and hopefully vick😉😉

  6. Calling Mariota Mike Vick 2.0 and then questioning Ridder's size (he's 6'3") seems kinda odd when Mike Vick is only 6' (really he's a lil over 5'11")

  7. The only thing about Mariota and Ridder is the spiral on the ball is very wobbly. That can cause a lot of drop passes and due to the wobble, it can shorten the throw because of the air that's hitting the tip of the ball. Shorts passes will not be much affected by it but those deep passes or throw on the run will really take a hit.

  8. It's our coach,coach smith knows how use dynamic players,for example CP84….coach will put QB1 in situations where he is successful, therefore he, remaining healthy,will have a great year….2,3yr QB1 for ditty birds!!!!!

  9. Man, as a Titans fan I'm really rooting for Mariota. Tannehill has did us good so far but I still wish we woulda never got rid of Mariota

  10. ridder needs to learn more before he starts, ridder had some bad throws, and would of threw a INT if the lions didn't drop it, he made poor decisions on some throws. but ridder did play good. 2nd Mariota played one drive so we couldn't get to see what else he could do. Mariota should remain the starter, Mariota just needs to stop taking hits when he runs and slide.

  11. Alec Smith went from SF to KC and revitalized his career. I don't see why Mariota can't do the same for us in ATL. I got faith in him.

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