Film Study: Marcus Mariota is playing WELL for the Atlanta Falcons

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  1. I'm a Titans fan, but I've also been rooting for Atlanta, cuz I really like mariota and want to see him succeed as a QB somewhere. Arthur Smith was probably the best offensive coordinator we ever had and I was disappointed when he left Tennessee for Atlanta, but I guess that's how it goes. Good luck sunday.

  2. Full disclosure … I'm writing from Eugene, OR. I met Marcus before his first Oregon start and I have been a Mariota fan since. I don't need to rehash everything that's been said here, I'm just so thankful for his hard work and making his fans so proud!

  3. Very favorable assessment of Mariota, especially coming from a Bucs fan. Agree 100 he's been a good QB for the Falcons despite some turnover issues. If he continues to play well the Falcons have a real shot at a wild card. A huge turnaround for a team supposedly "without a starting QB."

  4. Mariota had an injured elbow with nerve damage. This is well documented. Why do you think MM1 said he went to Vegas to clear his head and heal. He literally couldn’t feel his fingers or the grip on the ball. The team bailed on him. Which was the best thing for him in the long run. TN is going nowhere from now on. This is what a healthy Mariota looks like. Only he will get better as time goes in.

  5. Atl has won 3 of last 4 with a new QB,WR1,RB and 5 other O players. It's taken time to gel but theyre getting fewer holding penalties and less sloppy in the pass action.

  6. Dat m'boy MM1 who has bested AR12, TB12, RW3, DB9 (his rookie year), MR2 among others, all in regular season play, along with Andy Reid's Chiefs with TY-reek/KA-reem/TKel(ce)/Revis Island in the 2018 Wildcard. Marcus got nothin' to prove to nobody except make it to a Post Season Division Game again and win (lost to TB12 lol), next up.

  7. I'd like to also say the Mariota had a bum throwing arm for like 2 years after getting injured his year before getting benched. He's had 2 years to get fully fit and we're seeing a fully healthy Mariota for the first time since 2016 when he threw 26 tds

  8. My favorite all time college qb fukked up how the nfl chew u up n spit u out.. mariotta always been talented or atleast talented enough to lead his teams to winning records

  9. Super happy for Marcus. He plays with his heart, sometimes not with his head but what matters is he will be there to lift your guys up and he’ll lead a block for you all the while making a dive for a pylon. A true gamer. Good for Marcus making the most of his second chance

  10. West coast offenses try to beat the defense before the balls even snapped. It's so well hidden that announcers and even former players get it backwards and don't think the qb has freedom but they have to. Can't just run one read routes into defenses blindly. Obviously the mic is cut off at 15 seconds and they run play clocks down every snap to shorten the game.
    Arthur schemes them up but it only works if marrioti checks the route or run into holes or soft areas of the defense which requires pre snap reading and freedom to audible. Like you pointed out the Titans , gb , 49ers all these west coast zones are very dependant on vet qb doing this or they can't scheme them open .
    They don't change formations to audible much but while barking at the d for 30 seconds of play clock he's giving nuanced freedom to change routes.

  11. Being a Titan fan I see so much that's familiar with them. Marroti has the most weapons he's ever had. Tbh its more weapons than 90% of the nfl and it's pulling marriotii along some but he is playing well also.
    If riddley was available….. Loaded !

  12. He was never a bad QB. He got a raw deal out of Tennessee. They were a playoff team with him. I knew he would get another shot elsewhere even after things didn't pan out in Vegas. Falcons got a good QB. Slower version of Mike Vick with a arm.

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