First time trying Bob's Red Mill cornstarch

I don’t really care about this… Number of subscribers 424… Thank you to anyone and everyone who has shown love to my little channel. Trying to earn 1k before November 7th…

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  1. woah i didnt know there was an entire community of this like i just watched one video and thought that was it. the internet never fails to surprise me

  2. I just bought this and the gaint brand also lol we got the same brands that red mills to me tastes like seafood that's the only thing that come to my mind when I tasted it the other I didn't like to much. Try red mill arrowroot it has a peppermint taste and I got cream love that I mixed the two and goodness I love it I'm on it heavy the mix.

  3. Yea i have da Bob's red mill tapioca bt i dnt like it i haven't found a tapioca brand dat i really like and im trying da Bob's mill arrowroot kind

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