1. News: "Oh my god he lost money as president!"
    Also news: "Oh my god he made millions of dollars!"
    fake news conclusion: "Orange man bad no matter what he does!"

  2. He's cloistered in his crib. The diaper crew OBVIOUSLY has him locked up because the old boy is a screw up 110% of the time he's out of the house. And the diaper crew knows that the crib is the only place they can assemble a cluster of controlled psycophants to pretend a caring attitude toward the old loser. America does not wish IQ45 well in 2023. In fact, just the opposite is what lies in store for him. He's a used up.old loser and we can tell he knows it. Go home and prepare your tax return crook!

  3. Who is this reporter at the beginning? lmao. Dude, Your tie goes inside your suit jacket… Also, Evidence of where the camera could only focus on one person? lmao! ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. He is running for President with all the problems and questionable acts. I just have to question the real interest of the people. I wonder… because it's clear Trump is showing signs of betrayal of the people.

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