France vs. Morocco Highlights | 2022 FIFA World Cup | Semifinals


France and Morocco faced each other in the semi-finals of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. France were looking to reach the final for the…

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  1. 🗓 27 Rabi' al-Akhir 1444


    🔴 Breaking
    Islٌamic Stٌate
    Central Africa Wilٌayah

    With success from Allah, the Khٌilafah solٌdiers attٌacked joint positions for the two arٌmies of Congo and Uganda in the village of Busio in Irumu area of Ituri, using maٌchine guٌn fiٌre. The attٌack resulted in the kiٌlling of two of them, forcing the rest of them to flٌee and buٌrning their positions, and all praise is due to Allah.

  2. Morocco did well they put 5 guys on mbappe and let the rest of the team beat them people sometimes forget how many defenders were around mbappe when both goals were scored .

  3. Some education here for those that never travelled the Earth plane
    Morocco is an African country, not Arab.
    Even though there has been some mixing, as in many places in the world, Moroccans are Africans from the Northwest: Almoravids / Amazighen / Moors, Tuaregs, Chleuh, Zayanes, Beydan, etc. Just because Native Americans today can speak English, it doesn't mean they are British… even though there is some mixing.
    Furthermore, if you dig deeper in real history, not his-story, you will find that many Portuguese (e.g.; Ronaldo, CR7) and many Spaniards have Moroccan roots; and one could postulate that their drippling and elegant football are all thanks to the Moroccan genes. 😀

    PS: Mauritania was before Morocco 😉

    Back to football! And if you ask me, Messi deserves a world cup!

  4. Indeed, it looked like a hard win for France; they barely made it. The Moroccan team was doing great on the field, but seemingly it had a problem with scoring. Also, as shown in the highlights, The Moroccan team perhaps intended to drag the game into the penalty stage.

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