France vs. Poland Highlights | 2022 FIFA World Cup | Round of 16


France and Poland faced each other in the knockout stages of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Poland and France both received multiple shots…

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  2. Mbappa definitely is the next big thing along with Haaland after Messi n CR7 retire. The things about Mbappa is his raw pace, we see it have happen to lots of great players before. Ronaldo was unstoppable striker once injuries got him, he no longer the same. Kaka was lightning speed. Henry once reach 30plus went down hill. Unless Mbappa can adapt the way CR7 did, I can see him breaking more record.

  3. Polska dużo lepiej zagrała z Francią nisz z Argentiną, ale dalej nie wykorzystują Lewandowskiego i Zielińskiego do pełni. Chyba czas na zmianę trenera.

  4. I don’t see any team that can beat that France team. Deep, deadly and hungry for goals with little mistakes. Argentina-France. Book it. 2-1 France

  5. But but but but France has so many "Africans" or foreigners 🤡🤡🤡
    Aymeric Laporte, born in France, and Ansu Fati, born in Guinea-Bissau, both play for Spain. Otavio, born in Brazil, and William Carvalho, born in Angola, both play for Portugal. Milos Degenec, born in Croatia and plays for Australia. Youssoufa Moukoko, born in Cameroon and plays for Germany. Daniel Schmidt, born in the USA and plays for Japan…
    None of the starters for France were born in a foreign country. From the current and official French squad at this WC: Mandanda and Camavinga were born in Africa, both moved to France when they were 2 and got naturalized. Marcus Thuram was born in Italy when his dad played football in the Italian league, was born French citizen because at least one of his parents is.
    Keep making us laugh 🤡🤡🤡 you're so clueless!

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