From Encanto (Disney Original Master) – Surface Pressure (Karaoke)


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  1. No… The addition of the voices after they've been deconstructed or whatever was done just destroys the song for me.

    I DEF will give points that you at least have a visible count down to when the verse starts AND you have highlighting for the words.
    THANK YOU so much for that. I've only ever seen one or the other and it's SUCH a friggin pain to see other say "Karaoke!" but not give a visible countdown to start the next set of lyrics when there's a break OR to even HIGHLIGHT the words that should be done…

    If people can't have both in a Karaoke version of a song, I'm sorry… I don't count it as a good karaoke version.

    Like I said, if it weren't for the weird vocal here, I'd adore your version. XD

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