[FULL REACTION] England made Iran look BAD – Craig Burley | ESPN FC

ESPN FC reacts to England’s 6-2 win vs. Iran in the 2022 World Cup. ✓ Subscribe to ESPN+: http://espnplus.com/soccer/youtube

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  1. I think it was an unfair bout as Iran is being attacked physically and mentally from their own government. This was not a match for Iran to win to start with.

  2. If England is excited, they beat Iran. It is very sad. Iran plays well in the Asia group, but not against the European teams. If England has any guts, they should play Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, and Netherland. I did not even include any Latin football power house. England would lose to any of those football power houses.

  3. I'm sorry Nedum, but no. Iran did not defend well. If it hadn't been for Qatar's performance against Ecuador, this would have been the most shockingly bad performance by any WC team in the last 20 years. Iran would have lost to San Marino.

  4. Bellingham was class, at 19yo! He always supported the player on the ball, always seemed to know which way to turn into space, never panicked; and came up with a goal. This guy is good.

  5. Iran was setup too defensively by their coach. 1 win don't make a champion so hold your horses England fans. Let's wait till your team meets higher quality teams.

  6. millions of iranians for a month are vocally everywhere expressing their wish for iran teammelli to lose! even in the stadium iranians yelled "disgrace" to their players! many inside Iran celebrated their loss on the streets, the players were under immense pressure. this team is psychologically broken. this Team can not perform at all, don't be so happy for beating players who are completely depressed and anytime can burst to cry.

  7. England are a disgrace. ESPN should ban them from their show…….oh they dont care about the deaths of 6500 migrant workers. More interested in virture signally by BLM bending the knee. A DISGRACE

  8. Yes they are going to try and lose a world cup game becus they want a new manager even tho hes leaving after the world cup anyway

  9. White Brits discriminated against black players after the Euro final. It's great that these humiliated boys have risen above the hatred of their fellow citizens and are scoring goals for England.

    Additionally, you can see who does the job in England

    – on and off the pitch.

    Whites are unemployed 10 times more than blacks.

  10. the most important reason no one was aware of was, NO ONE in Iran is supporting this team as a revolution is happening in Iran and all the freedom-fighting Iranians say this is " the Islamic Republic team" and NOt the "Iran team". THIS IS NOT IRAN TEAM.

  11. OMG England! You won't become a world champion like that! You're celebrating a win against a team who, before kick-off, literally, signed their death warrants or that of their families in Iran… so come on down… it doesn't get much harder in your Mickey Mouse group either … USA, Wales are very easy opponents

  12. So we should be smashing Iran never made them look bad at all still conceded 2 not good at all I follow England home and away probley the best attacking football we've played for a long time

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