Galaxy S22 Ultra: Official Introduction Film | Samsung

Meet the new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. The epic standard. Learn more: Break the rules of…

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  1. THEY SCAMED ME !!! I bought Exynos version for 1300€ but then i realized what exynos means !!… Overall its not even a proper flagship because with exynos you get worse battery life, worse camera, worse performance ….. Samsung scam me.

  2. I was an iPhone big fan, but i changed my life to Android. I feel a big difference. This is the best phone i seen in my life. Better than iPhone 14 pro max .

  3. Greetings and thanks to the team at Samsung. You all make great phones. So far I have not regretted switching from Nokia back in 2017.

    Alas, your removal of microSD card support from the Note/Ultra line up, may prove to be the deal breaker for me.

    You need to either restore microSD card support or make 1TB internal storage the base standard/minimum storage size across the board. We don't even get the 1TB option in Samsung stores in Nigeria where I am. 256GB and 512GB storage options are pathetically inadequate for power users such as myself. If this isn't addressed, I'll be sticking with my Note 20 Ultra until I find something as versatile, even if it means switching to a different brand altogether. There's plenty of evidence to show that many Samsung customers feel the same way.

    I trust that this message will find its way to the appropriate decision makers. Thank you for your kind consideration of this suggestion from a hitherto satisfied customer.

  4. It is a piece of grap. I have had mine for six months never out of the case. I go to take a picture it's blurry. Upon further inspection I noticed the back is cracked below the cameras and three out of five lens are cracked. Not covered by warranty or extended warranty. $576 to fix. It is now a paper weight and my last Samsung.

  5. Tried for months to order the 1TB version from Samsung's website and it's never in stock! Tf is going on? I would've ordered the 512gb, but not having the SD card slot, there's noooo way I`ll do that. I'm tired of having to delete/move pictures every time I ran out of memory. Also, it's super annoying when the pictures from SD cards get CORRUPTED…. So that's y I want the 1TB one

  6. Advice about an experience for everyone who wants to buy a Samsung s22 ultra device. If you travel and move from one Region to another, this device will not benefit you because it is blocked to the purchase area,,,, I bought the device from the Middle East and traveled to North America. then I noticed that You cannot change the region and you cannot download programs at this region Until 12 months, or you add a new account for this region, and what is not guaranteed works, unlike all mobile phones, and after many attempts with Samsung to unlock it, it turned out that they are unable and the solution presented by them, unfortunately, is an unsatisfactory solution. I regret very much changing my device from Huawei to Samsung s22 ultra.

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