1. People are so godamn dumb. .Hurts is not a super star. …he is a half ass QB in a amazing offense . ….Minshew came in and went back and forth with Dallas….if our defense didn't fail.the team they would've won…..STOP BELIEVING ESPN LYING MORONS!!!!!!!

  2. Saints are still alive in playoff hopes and have played well last 3 weeks . Die hard eagles fan but the saints will not be a pushover . Their defense is playing very well .

  3. His mindset is so damn of thee highest level. Utmost respect for this man. And he stays humble. Nothing or no one will hold this man back. Or down. He moves with the beat of his own drum💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

  4. As eagles fan he doesn't need to play, I think minshew can beat the Saint if are defense play better and are team help him and just fingers out how to not have too many turnover and plus The cowboys and saints are different when it comes to point score a game, if minshew can get to 24 or 28 and are defense play much better than against the cowboys I think we can stop The saints and hold them to 18

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