Giants Sign Carlos Correa to $350 Million Contract! | 584


mlb #talkinbaseball Carlos Correa is the newest San Francisco Giant after signing a 13-year $350 million deal! Timestamps: 0:00 …

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  1. I swear to god the Giants have the money to go after Ohtani next year if they really want to, especially with guys like LaSetlla, and B-Craw coming off the books. Plus prospects like Marco Luciano, Luis Matos, Heliot Ramos, Gregory Santos, Randy Rodriguez, Hunter Bishop, Will Wilson, etc. could be dangled around as trade bait either for Ohtani at the deadline or another big time pitcher.

  2. I'm just glad I don't have to stress for the next 13 years of off seasons with "Cubs looking to sign Carlos Correa"
    I'm glad that nightmare is over

  3. Correa is the most OVERRATED player in MLB!! The man has never hit more than 26 Hrs in ANY season! He's NEVER had 100RBIs in ANY season..279 lifetime hitter. .357 on base %. .467 career slugging. He's always HURT and misses a lot of games every year!! And that's who you give 350 mill to?? Are you kidding me??

  4. This was a fascinating ep. Like the deeper thoughts you guys went into on Boras negotiation strategy, contract size and length, how these long deals will get handled in the final years, etc. I know a lot of this is speculation, but it was interesting to hear your thoughts on this stuff.

  5. Giants are still gonna be the 3rd best team in the NL west. That contract is a joke. To me, Correa’s trademark qualities are being clutch and making contact. He’s a nice defensive SS with decent power. In his best year, he finished 5th in mvp voting and is a 5 war per year player in his career.

    You can say “that’s what the market dictates,” but it doesn’t make it right. In 2002, the market dictated $50 trucker hats to be fashionable, but it didn’t mean it was worth it to buy the hat. I’d rather drop that 27 million a year on my bullpen to go deep into the playoffs.

  6. The problem is you sign those giant deals and you take the small market teams out of the deal. Name one small market team that is signing a 300 mil multi year deal.

  7. Wild that the Twins have drafted 5 shortstops with their 1st round pick since 2011, including the man in the middle of this video, and here they are STILL looking for a shortstop

  8. The Friars and Gigantes get half of the season to make their mark on the NL West…Dodgers are getting Ohtani at the trade deadline, when the Angels finally throw in the towel…

  9. It's gonna suck to see like 60+ Correa AB's a year vs. Dodgers. He's actually good and our fans won't realize that booing him makes him stronger.(Same goes for Machado.) Glad you guys think it's "good for baseball".

  10. Super happy for Giants fans and for baseball in general. Happy that the NL West is going to be must watch all year and that we can start to hopefully put the Correa stuff in the rear view as he's gonna be with one team for the long haul now. I'm gonna miss watching Turner on the Dodgers but will be really excited to see LA get pushed much harder this year hopefully. Scary to think of them with Ohtani next year. Can't wait for this years trade deadline. Sorry Angels fans!

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