1. I've been reading everywhere that if ur using this flour to make pancakes u must ad xanygal gum ( sorry I misspelled it ) to make it be good enough and I did not know this I want to use this flour today to make pancakes and waffles but now I'm a little scared to cos I'm afraid it may not turn out right without it I do have baking powder I can add to it maybe that should be fine

  2. This is one of my favorites since I found out I was gluten intolerance. I have not tried any other kind besides all purpose but I'm dying to try the others. Thank you for this video I now know I can do my youtube videos showing me using this product.

  3. I want to make a gluten free bread in my bread machine with your gluten free all-purpose flour. Can I make it with just oil and water and sugar and salt and active dry yeast? Also this part does not have xanthan gum or any kinds of gums in it does it because I'm allergic

  4. Hello Sir! Greetings from Mauritius! You are just amazing! Cannot say more than that! Being of Asian origin, I miss a lot of our Indian Flat breads (chapatis, puris, parathas). Gluten free flour, however much we mix and blend, has its limit there. Is it possible to find the right mix and blend for those? This would complete the already rich variety of Bob's Red Mill. Thanks

  5. Thanks for this very informative video! If I were to bake a recipe & substitute this GF flour, should I use the amount on the original recipe? Or would I need more or less of the GF flour? Simply, would the measurement of gluten-free flour be different if substituted for any recipe? Thanks!

  6. I found my morning oatmeal was the reason I was slowing down a bit so I tried removing sources of gluten. So far, I have a lot more energy. I just tried making pumpkin bread with the flour and it's pretty good! I don't notice a difference.

  7. I'll be working on more breads this year on my channel.
    My goal is to make outstanding crusty baguettes and delicious buns for hamburgers and pulled pork etc. I'm hoping Bob's Red Mill flours will be a big help in achieving this goal.

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