Google Pixel 6a Review: A Refreshing $449 Phone

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  1. who gives a fuck that samsung is use 90hz

    i have a A33, 90hz display, so what? the UI is so cluttered with "features" and with the 600+ series SD SOC it's a mess of lag.

    I am most likely changing to a 6A with 60 hz but a pretty iOS levels of smoothness

  2. The Pixel 6a fingerprint issue is real. I bought two phones at launch, one for each of my parents. One worked perfectly. The other had the fingerprint issue out of the box. My dad registered his fingerprints, but I could unlock the phone with one of my fingerprints, and my brother was able to as well even though they weren't registered. We deleted all the fingerprints and had him do it all over again… still same issue. We waited for a couple of monthly system updates, with no bug fixes. Finally there was one with the changelog specifically addressing 6a fingerprint issues. After that system update, the issue was still there. I filed a warranty claim right after testing it. The replacement 6a works perfectly with no issue. It is a great phone for the price, but just be warned that the fingerprint issue is real lol. Good thing is that it comes with warranty, so if the issue is there, just file a claim. by now I would think Google has heard about this issue plenty that they have fixed the issue/tested the scanner before shipping new units.

  3. On my Pixel 6 pro I would have to say I was a little dissapointed in the updates being the slow to very slow download speed for a 1.2 GB file and the installation of the OS to Android 13 took nearly 2 hours to install.
    Followed by a security update that was 47Mb and took nearly half an hour to download and installing was again Slow as molasses – You'd figure that for a flag ship phone would be a whole lot faster – BOY Google!!! Ya got to speed up LIKE Way up!!!.
    After the updates the phone seems to of stabilized But WOW!! I just about gave up on the pixel 6 in it's entirety like I did when the Nexus 5 came out – Yikes That phone was horrible

  4. Simple fix for Google. Charge $699 for standard Pixel, give it all of the Pro features the larger phone, just in a smaller form factor. Similar to what Apple does with 14 Pro & 14 Pro Max.

    Give the 'a' series a 90Hz screen & keep the 120 LTPO displays for the Pro variants.

  5. Absolutely an affordable phone that exceeds the needs of the masses. For most, the Pixel is a great option. Solid choice! I've become a Pixel fan.

  6. Just bought one. It arrived yesterday and I spent sometime getting it set up etc.
    It updated to 13 today and so far, I've been mightily impressed both with the setup/transfer process and with the stock Android setup, though I am still clinging to Nova Launcher and Swiftkey Keyboard.
    But, I've wanted a Pixel for ages and am happy to move to a smaller phone.
    For me, it's all about convenience, regular updates (never had that before on Android) and affordability!

  7. This is the best video about this phone I have watched on YouTube, it's honest and correct as well. while everyone else is damming this phone to hell, you are telling the truth of what it is and what you should expect from it… I have this phone and Iove it… Thnaks

  8. Whats funny is that as an audiophile, i dont mind the loss of the jack at all. I use an external DAC, and many fellow audiophiles use an iPhone, so theres that.

  9. Don’t know if’s the same in the US, but bought one in the UK and found the reception is terrible. Cannot handle calls in places where a $150 Motorola or Xiaomi were fine. Really disappointing.

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