GS66 Stealth Unboxing | MSI

GS66 Stealth is a rugged portable laptop packed with up to 10th Generation Intel® Core™ i9 processor and the NVIDIA® GeForce RTX…

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  1. Is GS66044 available on stock? Because on Best Buy, they don’t mention any shipping date or when to pick up this bad boy!

  2. people don't realize that big companies like MSI and Razer aren't using AMD because AMD drains power too much, thus you will need a bigger battery which is not ideal for a "thin and light laptop" and portability is a big factor for any laptop.

  3. This laptop does NOT have an RTX 2080 Super option. It is an RTX 2080 Super Max-Q. There is a substantial difference between the two, and these videos shouldn't be designed to mislead potential consumers with bait-and-switch tactics. It's not a simple case of semantics; it is genuinely misleading to advertise an RTX 2080 Super option, when no such option exists.

  4. Yes please!! Will most likely buy one of these during summer, when there are more options available here in germany(want the i9, 32gb(there is only 16 right now) ram and the rtx 2070 super).

    Just one question: Will you allow us to undervolt the cpu without toying in the bios?

  5. Hey there msi , i am new to the dragon centre app on the msi laptops i wanted to ask whats the best settings for gaming ? Turbo mode or sport mode ? And should the fans be on auto or cooler boost 5?


  6. hows the bloatware? the stuff i can find is from a few years ago and is pretty bad, but there was a thing of you providing an uninstaller? i realy dont want to have to poke around in my computer and haveing to find windows drivers for network stuff manualy and things like that, big oofs, because it seems like the best laptop for me otherwise~

  7. THE ONLY thing I do not like in this "Stealhy look" is that shiny MSI logo underneath screen. C'mon how stealhy is that? I'm going to paint it matt black!

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