1. It is not about money he chose al nazar because it was the only club that wanted him. He wants to play, or else he would have to retire.
    "Respect Ronaldo" ~
    Words of a forever Messi fan

  2. Dude is a very ambitious guy. When he understood that he'll not be taken in a club that's not going to win big trophies in the next 2 years…. He was like okay atleast lemme get the money

  3. Facts:Ronaldo did EVERYTHING in his path to find a club in Europe. But i don't know why they won't take Ronaldo (THE GOAT) in their club. I mean he has done so much in Europe for his & other club fans to watch a enjoyful match. He didn't choose money over passion thats for sure. But he will shock the whole world that he is the goat of football

  4. I'm not a Ronaldo fan but how is this any different from Xavi going to Qatar or Beckham going to US? He's just getting his retirement money, why are people butthurt?

  5. I think its for ronaldo to regain his form then come back to europe cus his form was bad so regaining it would be a smart move and bonus 500million

  6. He likes money.

    Is he worth it ?
    Yes he is.

    Are the Saudis expected only football?
    Definitely not, this is a business deal 100%.

    Is this his retirement plan ?
    Biggest Yes in history.

    Was it a poor footballing decision?
    Yes, considering he said before he is already super rich, which he is !

    Is he a force of football that deserves all this hype anymore?
    No, long gone are the days when he would be such a threat. Remember people, he is originally a winger and those traditionally fade at 33,34. He's 38.

    Finally, is Ronaldo JEALOUS OF MESSI and just did something to keep his name on par for the last time in both of their careers ?

    Waiting for the comments to answer this one 😂

  7. I like how ur not biased like all fans say fiago,cristiano is the legend of football,cristiano ronaldo is insporation for most football fans,hes 38 let him take money.

  8. I don't get it. Not every story has a happy ending. True he deserved a happy ending but he didn't. That's life. We are noone to criticize his life decisions.

  9. I dont blame him for choosing the money especially when its 500 million i mean i would run over a family of 4 for that amount

  10. but lately it was leaked that a perk in his contract indicates that he must be loaned to Newcastle united if they finish in top 4 and play ucl next season since the management of al nasser owns Newcastle too. i say its the best moove he could've made to play ucl while keeping his insane wages.

  11. I've always followed my heart and pursued my dreams, and I imagine that people find that inspiring. I hope that is the effect I have on my fans and people in general. I definitely want my beloved individual fans

  12. Let me ask if u were in this situation what would you do?(respectfully im asking)
    I agree on you saying that he ruined his legacy i completely agree
    But money over passion doesnt prove anything because did he had any other club offer

  13. As a fan of his I'm super disappointed. Especially after what he said that he wants to end his career in a top league.

  14. Ronaldo is one of the only Footballers who proved it's Passion>Money
    For example Mbappé had to choose between passion or money but Ronaldo had no choice not one single club wanted him in europe and we all know Ronaldo wants to play so he accepted the offer

  15. He has done way too much in European football to have his legacy be truly ruined unless he does something horrific personally. I don’t quite get this move though. Surely he would have found clubs in America willing to take him and that would have been a more competitive league. I get that he just wants to play and not sit on the bench, which is what he would have done in Europe.

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