1. Trump is the best. Biden is a joke and all the ones that voted for him is a joke. United States is looking like a third world country because of the Democrats. They are a threat to democracy!!!!!

  2. This lawyer is an Idiot, and he has no shame in lying about trump asking for a nonviolent protest. Too bad there isn't a law preventing lawyers from lying, and If there is one, trump lawyers ain't following it.

  3. Yes remain pretty confident all the files have been turned over….until the next set is found as it has been happening since the beginning

  4. Ever since he took office he’s lived in chaos it’s killing us dividing us , he’s not a president , he has no sacrifice he’s a loser . He’s an embarrassment , a joke , pathetic liar .

  5. But we will never get him on the stand because even he knows he’s a liar and will be guilty of perjury let’s stop pretending he won ok ?

  6. Trump has a responsibility , to accept the results without trying to call secretaries of state to find votes , different than investigating claims .

  7. Does this dude, believe his own BS? Your license needs to be revoked!
    Trump did contest it, 61 lawsuits and he lost by 60! The one he "won" was admin. Also, after recounts in some states, it was Biden that got the bad end of the deal because he actually had more votes than previously stated!

  8. I just payed $1000 in taxes lord help me because I only make $29.75 an hr!!! If y'all want to see my pay stab!!! Come at me I will post it!!! I was able to save $500 a month with trump not absolutely NOTHING!!!😊

  9. Trumps attorney is just holding on for a paycheck he knows damn good and well he doesn’t have a chance that he’s going to be convicted of everything and the American people couldn’t be happier that this is going to stop and prevent this from ever happening again

  10. This guy is a chud and a huge liar. Bill Barr sent out hundreds of FBI agents to follow-up on all kinds of leads – none of them discovered anything aside from small-time crimes or unintentional mistakes. A lawyer should advocate for their client, but a lawyer is not allowed to knowingly lie for them.

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