HIGHLIGHTS | France v Australia | Strike at the death seals victory | Autumn Nations Series

Short highlights from the game between France and Australia. Watch all the games live on Prime Video in the UK + IRE #ans…

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  1. What a match guys!!! Now saturday Italy can try to do a great match with Australia and maybe find the breakthrough they need. It's a tough job

  2. Its all shadow boxing at the moment but RWC 2023 has the potential to be a great tournament. But a year is a long time in rugby.
    Australia can never be ruled out.
    NZ are on the way back after being a bit flat.
    SA showed in the last ten minutes in Dublin how dangerous they are.
    France, when playing with "confidence" are unstoppable.
    Argentina are dangerous.
    My team Ireland, well we (Irish) are all silently hoping.

  3. Been crying out for a world class French team for a long while now. Great to see a resurgent France not only competing with the best but winning. Six Nations Champions and arguably the best in the world

  4. Ouf cette chance ! Va falloir se réveiller car on ne pourra pas compter chaque fois sur un exploit individuel pour gagner et les australiens auraient pu gagner ce match. La semaine prochaine en face ce seront les sudaf qui sont encore plus durs à jouer, surtout après leur défaite récente

  5. Fantastic to see Oz back playing brilliant rugby.
    I'm selling my bitcoin portfolio and putting it all on another Bok RWC victory.😂

  6. France had a bit of a flat start and Australia becoming better again after every game, but by the end of the game that flair was back in full flow. It pains me to admit it as an English fan, but France are simply the best team in the world right now!

  7. The northern hemisphere will surely dominate the next world cup: Ireland impeccable, France incredible. From a Frenchman, that's why my English may be full of mistakes 😂

  8. How on earth 2 people couldn't tackle properly the wing. Was cristal clear could step only in inside then the second defender went to catch flies. What a criminals they deprived their team of unexpected win.

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