Highlights | Scotland v Argentina

Watch the highlights of an exciting match between Scotland and Argentina .

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  1. Argentina played with courage but just lost alot of control defensively and gave Scotland an exponential advantage…the red and yellow card also affected their overall morale

  2. Vamos los pumas carajo y piña va piña vienen los pumitas se entretienen !! Jajajaja con garra y piña ganamos 😁😂🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

  3. Finn russel is my favourite player to watch. His position should be guaranteed in my opinion. Or maybe he could somehow play for england instead? 🤔

  4. Russell in this form is unbeatable, his next task is to help Scotland to beat top teams consistently. Everyone in Scotland takes pride in Russell performing at this level. Russell must keep reminding himself without the team around him, he is irrelevant. Well done Finn we look forward to seeing you doing this constantly. For a 2 professional team nation Scotland has now got some fantastic players.

  5. À force de voir Russell feinter la passe pour s'engager dans l'intervalle, on se dit que les joueurs adverses devraient avoir compris.
    Ben non (Eduardo, si tu nous lis…).

  6. Scots we’re just outstanding, huge forward commitment, and a three quarter line that was sensational. The sheer genius and electrifying speed of passing is something we disappointed Welshmen can only dream of.

  7. I think Kremer was getting bored with the tournament so he begged for red card, what idiotic staff, I think too much juice is taking the tools on the brain. Argentina lack consistency, they have soul, courage, excellent players but lack of discipline kills them badly. Before used to be Lavanini now is Kremmer.

  8. When Argentina hold their discipline they can beat anybody. When they don’t, well, they quickly deteriorate into a mob. Must be very frustrating for the coaches.

  9. scotland did what they had to do…..
    an amazing effort by argentina.
    several men down at times, go blow for blow until they ran out of steam.

    they are improving…!

  10. Scotland showing a lot of organizatioan and skill in the backs.

    Shame the refereeing once again dictates so much of a RU game.

    Hogg's hair looks like a fashion victim: Let the playing do the talking not the footballer big salary hair-do's and celebrity trappings! Very unScottish!

    Argentina are a joy to watch: Vamos! next time.

  11. I know Russell will get the well deserved but kudos to the border terrier darcy graham for scoring his hat trick. His strength to size ratio is incredible.

  12. I'm really happy to see Scotland playing a great rugby from France.
    Many French people support you in rugby after our country.
    The auld alliance 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇫🇷

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