HIGHLIGHTS | Wales v Georgia | Historic day in Cardiff | Autumn Nations Series

Short highlights from the match between Wales and Georgia.

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  1. wtf ! How do Wales nearly win a series in South Africa then go on lose to georgia ! NEW LOWS ! congrats Georgia !👏👏👏

  2. im looking forward to the world cup. its awesome to see teams bridging the gap against tier 1 nations. growth of the game is what it is about. hoping teams like georgia, uruguay, romania have opportunities in the near future to play more games outside their region. They are building. Even seeing Namibia beat Canada was insane!

  3. თქვენ გენაცვალეთ ბიჭებო!!! ჩავიდა ალბიონზე რამაზ ჩხიკვაძე და ბრიტანელებს შექსპირის დრამატურგია ასწავლა,ჩავიდა დათო ყიფიანი და ფეხბურთის თამაში ასწავლა,ჩავიდნენ,ჩვენი სიამაყე “ბორჯღალოსნები” და რაგბის თამაში ასწავლეს!!! აი,მეტი რაღა გავაკეთოთ?😅😅😅

  4. Congrats Georgia on the deserved win. Not going to pretend I'm not choked we lost but I've always loved the way Georgia play Rugby always they fight to the bitter end Wales could learn a thing or two from Georgia.

  5. Haaaaaaa! Taf , kin gash tho' isn't it but tho' taf? Minced. Well done Georgia, gave the dragon lady boys some George sword right up the chock box! They luv that in that wales type place.

  6. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


    I bet you loved seeing England lose to Argentina, and would have been loving it when we were 26 – 5 down against NZ.

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