How can Jimbo Fisher and Texas A&M recover from this season? | ESPN College Football

Matt Barrie and Paul Finebaum discuss what the future could hold for Jimbo Fisher. #ESPN #CFB ✔️Subscribe to ESPN+ …

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  1. All of Jimbo’s seasons at Texas A&M have been respectable. Except this one.
    It’s one bad season
    Everyone is treating him like he’s a mentally retarded coach who’s incompetent.
    A&M hasn’t done anything since the 30’s. Give him more time. A lot of $ invested in him.

  2. I think the rest of the country is more angry than Aggies. We’re going to be ok. There are bigger problems in the world to worry and talk about than Aggie football.

  3. Texas A&M is the perfect example of buying your players doesn’t guarantee you success. NOBODY wants to go there as their first choice. Money was their only motivator

  4. Ya know the thing that is really sad about Jimbo is the fact he doesn't have a "home". He's hated at A&M now…FSU hates him and will despite the title Jameis won. Nobody wants this guy. He cuts his nose off despite his face on a regular basis I guess. I mean he's rich AF…maybe that's his only saving grace at the end of all of this.

  5. I truly don’t like Jimbo the Bimbo but he got to stop waiting till the first game of the season to name a QB. How the QB suppose to build chemistry with the WR or take on a leadership role on offense? Use the dang transfer portal for once for good players and not to just fill in empty roster spots. These kids getting paid now, they ain’t coming to A&M for you to be yelling and whining every play have some dang fun show some excitement out there show you trust your team.

  6. Everybody btch when I said this would happen… apparently nobody in College Station actually looked in the wreck of his Florida State tenure! Bimbo Fisher… a case for buyer's remorse if there ever was one!!!

  7. Ags will lose at least 5 imho. Denver Harris, LJ Johnson, Chris Marshall, and 2 DTs. Probably PJ too. If we lose Weigman it’s absolutely over. This year could not have gone worse. This was a team that was a blown call way from 9 wins last year. Even w a backup qb. Blows my mind. Addazzio and DJ must go.

  8. Paul is a hater and always has been towards Texas A&M. Even b4 Jimbo got there. Could not wait to see J. Manziel get in trouble. Stoked that fire 🔥 too. He’s so overrated. Made his career off the coattails of Saban. 🤮

  9. At this point I doubt he will, you can't be in your 5th year as a head college football coach at a big-time program and miss out on a bowl game especially making the kind of money he's making. Aggie fans have to be nervous about the off season in terms of possible transfers, and decommitments.

  10. I think Alabama, Georgia and others will poach at least a couple of those players.. I know most of them went there simply for the money but if they want any sort of nfl career they're going to have to move

  11. Choosing a new, non racially slurred, non profane stadium entrance song is priority #1. Something with some real Power as opposed to the Sat am cartoon theme we had prior. Or that Gambino mess that was even worse.

  12. Consider you are an A&M fan like I am. And then consider Jimbo has multiple years left on his contract. Did you ever see the movie Groundhog Day? And then ponder 2023, 2024?
    If he signs a recruiting class outside the top 50 and if he loses 30 to 50% of his 2022 recruits and if he misses in the portal, he's gone.

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