1. Thank you for making this video. I remember this was my first WC and I got to love football just a year or two before being 8 years old. That final made no sense even back then, Brazil looked nothing like it was the whole tournament before. Later I watched it many times and it's obvious they threw the match. I believe it was the mix of everything you've mentioned, bribery, sponsors, throwing, fatigued and stressed out players. France was a very good team but not even close to that Brazil. Ronaldo should've been the official GoaT, damn that riggery and curse that horrible injury. R9 is still a legend, but looking back at that 1998 always feels painful and unfair.

  2. This doccumentary has to continue coz it answers the question as to why Argentina won this World Cup. There's no way Karim had to be dropped for Giroud even after declaring that he was fit. That game against the Netherlands too. Again, how come Portugal's refs against Morocco had all refs from Argentina? Clearly, it seems Portugal were the sole team that had refused to be part of the Fifa script for obvious reasons. Infantino must go home

  3. The last goal France scored was passed onto mbappe with his French teammates hand following the corner. But no one saw it until now that of course people can re-watch it and has gone viral. If anyone was rigged it's argentina and messi from a winning goal and a golden boot. U Muppets

  4. 1998 was my first betting tryout,
    so i clearly remember how fcked it was..
    I put all the money on brasil even after 1 nil down, 2 nil down..
    Its a horrible memory

  5. I did wonder how France could be so 'sleepy' during the first half of the finals match. Also, Mbappe seemed weirdly affected during the awards, after the match.

    It is disheartening to think that matches are rigged, and I wonder how players, so good at football, on a world stage, could even hold themselves back.

    The world of people is corrupt in so many big and small ways I guess, and perhaps footballers are pawns in some way. Sad, if true.

  6. Nike did the same thing with Michael Jordan that is why he is so overrated today. All a ploy to sell those ugly shoes . They even pressured nba to change the rules of the game so it could b easier for Michael fraudon to hav it easier

  7. Everything you say is invalidated by Brazil Germany 2014: Brazilian players have issue handling pressure while playing for their country

  8. But messi is adidas. If your theory is true, is more likely that WC is planned for mbappe to win it, thats why he got 2 penalties in the final. But nike didn't take into account super performance of di Maria and Emi Martinez so their plan didn't work.

  9. People say it all excuses, but i remember just before the match there was some strange shit going on, reported around the Brazil team

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