1. This is the perfect recipe to cook quinoa. It's quite easy and explained very well in the video. I use true elements quinoa, which brand do you prefer to use? Do let me know, would love to try new experiments. Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  2. I tried cooking Quinoa with my mom's help by following the cooking instructions (1 cup of Quinoa = 2 cups of Water over medium low heat) and when it's fully cooked and the water is absorbed, I gave it a little taste after fluffing the Quinoa. After I tasted it, it tasted so delicious! I ate it with Chicken Adobo. The added bonus is it doesn't taste off since the it's pre-rinsed according to the packaging. It's even perfect for those people who wanted to lose weight.

    Next time I will buy again and this time, the big one (737 grams). Do you have recipes the next time I will cook Quinoa? (Like I prefer stir fries or mixed bowls) Thank you!

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