How to Do Vegetarian Keto – The Complete Guide

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Timestamps ⏱ 0:00 – Introduction to Vegetarian Keto 0:27 – Mediterranean Principle – Monounsaturated Fat 2:22 – Non-Starchy & Leafy Vegetables 3:57 – Protein 6:32 – Vitamin B12 9:00 – Vitamin D3 9:31 – Creatine 10:47 – Omega-3 fatty acids 11:34 – Thiamine (B1) 12:20 – Overconsumption of nuts

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  1. I don’t know what your background is.. but I loved all the chemical terms you used, metabolic pathways you refer and pubmed citations. Good job! Subscribed.

  2. I might be about to ask a dumb question but I have been avoiding goat cheese for over 10 years. I never ate it previously but I specifically did not eat it in the almost 10 years of being vegetarian bc I thought i read that it was processed differently than cow and was not vegetarian…? 🤔💁🏼‍♀️

  3. I'm still wondering how macadamia nut oil somehow became Mediterranean, given that macadamia nut trees are native to Australia, and are most commonly grown in Hawaii…

  4. Vitamin D3 best comes from sunlight. Go outside and get some sun people, it's better than any supplemental form.

  5. I have a question….. Or maybe more of a riddle and hope you can help. So a few years ago I got really sick and hands down my diet and stress were the problem. Long story is I have recovered to about 60%, but have to be super careful with my diet. My can't eat list (makes me really sick with things such as hives, ibs, poly cyctic ovary issues, migraines) the list goes on and on.

    I went raw vegan for about 18 months and it was the best I ever felt but then I started with a cough that I couldn't get rid of for nearly 3 months and felt awful. I was in a lecture with a tutor at uni (I was doing a degree in nutrition and health) and a light bulb went off in my mind. I knew I wasn't getting complete amino acid chains in my diet and was probably extremely b12 deficient so on the way home from uni I bought a cooked chicken, some eggs and some cheese and made myself a big onelette with chicken and cheese and within 2 days my cough was gone.

    So now if I have a high carb diet I get really bad migraines, about 2 or 3 a week, brain fog etc…
    If I have a high fat diet I get really bad acne.
    If I eat meat regularly it affects my hormones and I get really bad period like pains all through the month and severe during that time of the month. This completely dissapears on a vegan diet.
    I have lots of intolerances, even to foods I used to love….
    My can't eat list: tomatoes, spinach, kale, peanuts, oats, courgette, spices, mushrooms, milk, tuna, cheese, red meat now I can't seem to digest and it makes me feel so sick, wheat, gluten, even gluten free oats buckle me in pain when I eat them….. Do you see my problem 🤔.

    Ironically I'm such a foodie too. I love food and cooking, and am determined that my body being healthy depends on me getting the balance right but I literally am so stumped by what balance of diet is best.

    Thomas, what do you suggest?

  6. Wow. This was amazing! I'm coming out of 3-day fast and decided I want to go back to a Vegetarian diet (probably Pescatarian, actually), to get my ethics square again, but was concerned about the effects of such a diet on my bodybuilding. I learned about the benefits of fasting while I was doing it, and want to try and keep up some of those benefits with a Keto version of my diet. This video was so chock-full of precisely the kind of information I was looking for! Thank you so much, Thomas! You're clearly fantastic at what you do, and such a huge blessing to all of us! 😊🙏💝🥚🥦🥑🫐🧀

  7. There's not proof that nori contain active form of vitamin B12 and I wouldn't recommend people algaes as vitamin B12 source. Most of them contain inactive analogues which compete with reserves of B12 in the body making even more deficiencies.

  8. I've been a vegetarian for 15 years. It's too easy to gain weight with all the carbs. I started doing vegetarian keto recently and am so happy with the results!! Takes a bit of work, but worth it!

  9. I did vegetarian keto a few years ago , and went CRAZY on the cheese, and messed up my hormones. This time around, I'm definitely going to be going a little more plant based keto to avoid all those problems

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