How To Get DEAD BY DAYLIGHT For FREE On Epic Games!

How To Get DEAD BY DAYLIGHT FOR FREE on Epic Games! In today’s video I show you how to get Dead By Daylight for free on the Epic Games Store! Clutch:

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  1. I played this game with my dads friends on his pc and its so much fun i wanted to get it on my own pc bc my dad wont let me go on his epic games account to play it even tho he barely plays the game only when his friends play he plays and i missed out on this 🙁

  2. tried it back on december 2nd – 9th, it wasn't free. may have been limited to some regions, but not in the USA apparently. i ended up pirating it and play on private servers, more fun that way because now I have all the DLCs and addons.

  3. I never played it , but i used to watch youtubers play it as a kid . YES . AS . A . KID . AS A FRICKIN 9/10 YEAR OLD LOL
    And that's what made me love this game so much , i always watched people play it but i couldn't play myself cuz it costed BIG MONEY
    and now.. after all these (3/4) years later.. i can finally play

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