1. WOW, Ive tried for many years to make a Proper Jollof Rice, and after watching your video something clicked, I understood everything. I am American, and my daughter is Ghanian/American, I know how to cook all the stews but this rice has always been a challange. But today I did it. Thanks a lot. God bless you

  2. Hello, I had a great time making this and it was a brunch of amazing flavors! I wanna say I’m not sure if I did something wrong ? But it seem like to took the rice and carrots a long time to cook?? Maybe it was my stove? But I will definitely make jollof rice again✌️🍽🍽🍽😁😁😁. Thank you for sharing😁😁

  3. I really want to give this a go! Since leaving the U.K. 8 years ago I haven’t had this and miss it so much! But can I ask what do you mean by “curry spices”? That’s just not a thing here. I mean a have spices for a curry eg garam masala, coriander powder, cinnamon powder cumin powder, turmeric etc… I’m much more used to making Indian food. So what can I use to make curry spices?


  4. Amma. In your recipe. Could I substitute beef with goat, and if so is there any difference between how you cook the meat to how you'd deal with goat compared to beef?

  5. Such a good recipe! Came out so well!!! 🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭

  6. I cooked it twice and today will be the third time I’m making this dish. Thank you so much Ama! You’re the best

  7. This turned out amazing! Thank you, I will make this again, maybe with a little less scotch bonnet, I like it hot, but I think one will be enough for my family.

  8. Followed this recipe for my brother who loves jollof rice , turned out delicious! thank you, i am going to refer to this recipe from now on. + like to add that i didn't have maggi cubes on hand ( had a little breakdown lol) , so i made a stock from the meat and used that as a substitute 🙂

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