How to start a low carb diet

What do you need to know to get the best results from a low-carb diet? Which foods to eat and which foods to avoid. In today’s video…

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  1. I'm 14, 82.5kg I was wondering if I should take this? I've been feeling awful on myself, my own behaviour and mind built with turmoil and distractions, i thought to myself I need this, not only to improve my physical self, but my mental self.

  2. I have PCOS and about 30lbs overweight. For a year I was trying to loose weight with WW. My weight wasn’t budging more than a little bit, I was always hungry, my blood sugar was almost 300!
    I started a moderate low carb diet (max 40 right carbs a day) and I’m so happy! My blood sugar is 85-110 and I lost 15lbs my first month. I’m not hungry all of the time. So much information online on how to do this type of diet. Definitely not the 70’s Atkins days of meat with no bun, lol. There is no reason why you can’t stick with this type of eating forever.

  3. Many people are taking low carb for reducing weigh.
    But I have been 20 yrs in same weight. BMI 24
    I am ovovegan and the only fat is in food of plants and olive oil.
    So this is just for health

  4. A Question to Keto and Low/No carb advocates?
    Can you explain to me why ?
    *The Chinese eat tons of carbs, but still most are slim.
    * The Indians are vegetarians , all what they eat is carbs , but still most are slim.
    * The Turks, eat tons of bread and carbs, but still most are slim.
    * The French eat tons of bread , but still most are slim.
    By the way , all these groups , don’t have an Epidemic Of; Obesity, diabetes and heart disease that we have in the USA 🇺🇸.
    I have been waiting for an answer, from the American medical community, for 30 years.
    Any one ?

  5. Probably the best “no nonsense” advice on low carb eating. Like the advice given, keep the plan simple.

  6. Is cooked food from restaurants processed? I mean I know McDonalds has processed carbs but what about places like thai chinese or indian restaurants?

  7. what about david sinclair's claim that eating meat (especially red meat) will make people look and perform better in the short term, but in the long term the activation of MTOR will eventually lead to disease and a shorter life? any comments on that. thx.

  8. Can you please clear these two things for me?
    1. On low carb diet from 30g to 100g carbs. What would your body be running on?

    2. Sometimes the food consumed would have high fat and high protein. What happens if on day you'd got more of one source over the other or almost a match between the two?

    3. Is it a sustainable lifestyle?

    I don't want to live on junk food but I'm human, and sometimes there's going to be an event or an instance where I would incorporate something sweet like two biscuits or containing carb. Especially over the weekend but I would still be mindful of not going over 100g. Will that hurt the diet?

    Thanks for this video, @Diet Doctor

  9. People like to eat what they want. If you want to lose weight and still eat what you want. Eat less of what you want to eat.

  10. WHY do you so called doctors come and utter total BULL SHIT to us gulliable public. Gets your penis errect does it. One group says go left ( keto etc. ) the other group right ( the high carb ) BOTH pretend to provide research papers etc to back their " claims " Solution get both advocates on the same program to duke it out or else remain snake oil charlatants.

  11. the longest living population (very thin) from Okinawa Japan ate almost all their calories from rice and potato. the diet has been extensively studied – 85% calories from carbs, 10% protein, 5% from fat. at the reverse, the Inuit diet in the arctic leads to horrible health outcomes.

    in all the large scale epidemiology (the chine study, Adventist health studies, etc) the thinnest healthiest longest living diet groups eat plant based which tends to be very high carb, low fat.

    the FACT is that the average person on a high fat diet is obese and the average person on a high carb diet is thin and healthy. the TRICK is ditching all the high fat foods in the process.

    THE PROBLEM then is most people in the west currently don’t want to stop eating animal products. So they were never on a low fat/ high carb diet. You cant remove all the fat from animal products.

    THERE IS a thin healthy population among us in the west. The whole food plant based (high carb low fat) group. Good image search “vegan body mass index” and look at the graphs.

    I would not deny some people cant have some success on high fat with calorie restriction. The question is what is optimal for health in the long term? And the answer and evidence is so overwhelmingly on the side of whole food plant based (high carb/ low fat)

    Get a clue people…

  12. I think there are more starchy vegetables such as Corn and Peas. Also, I’m assuming that the Flourless Sprouted bread such as the Ezekiel Sprouted flourless bread is not Keto-friendly?

  13. I hate it when everybody assumes that a low-carb diet is needed to LOSE WEIGHT! I am a 5'6" male weighing in at 120lbs. I need to GAIN WEIGHT and I ALSO NEED TO LOWER MY BLOOD SUGAR! So how am I supposed to gain weight and avoid carbs at the same time?! "Eat more pasta!" everyone says. I CAN'T! Too many carbs!

  14. I love how dr.s always talk from a healthy individuals perspective like anyone can do it. Those with thyroid problems need to watch they eat plus they have energy problems enough as it is.

  15. I just love not feeling hungry anymore. I have more energy and have better skin. My anxiety has reduced significantly and I have been losing weight at a slow and steady pace. This is probably because I was only 14lbs overweight, so it is slower, but I'm happy with that because I've been losing inches everywhere. I want to do it as a lifestyle not a quick fix.

  16. Hello can this Dr or anyone answer my question as to whether keto is safe when I have these problems
    1. naturally low blood sugar with low HBA1C no matter what I eat, chocolate, etc, don’t know why it’s always low.

    2. hypothyroidism

    3. low blood pressure

    4. high cholesterol

    Oh I forgot to mention

    5. I also have nafld

    If someone can advise, please help, thanks

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