HP OMEN Gamers vs MSI Gaming Gamers

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  1. both brands are great and both brands have pc too however msi even has laptops for casual non gaimer users like msi modenr which has course of course suitable for me specs like 8gb ram intel core i5 and 256 memory which costs 942$

  2. Regarding the laptops. Omen in the HP lineup is the highest, you have alsoe Victus and Pavilion Gameing. You shoudl do OMEN vs GE series to be fair, or whole MSI vs whole HP lineups.

  3. im mostly a msi user its mostly because i gotten it as soon i gotten my church money so i own it for years. Tho I might try making a custom laptop in a future to fit the style of one of my favorite brands Logitech G

  4. MSI is superior in everyway. From Desktop parts to laptops. Love my Delta 15 and my previous MSI back from 2018. Just wish they would have more options when it comes to all AMD laptops. HP isn't built like it used to be.

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