“I Love Him” Dua Lipa Speaks On Dating Trevor Noah


“I Love Him” ​​Dua Lipa talks about dating Trevor Noah #dualipa #trevornoah ———- Dua Lipa seems to have a new beauty in her…

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  1. She switches dudes faster then her clothes… it’s so nasty how many men and women sleep together in Hollywood… free sperm and eggs for everyone 😂

  2. Robert Moore it’s none of our business I think they are a great couple and I love them both now leave them alone and them enjoy each other. And that’s n that I will say no more because there is nothing more to say

  3. She's not going to stay with that dufus for long. He lost The Daily Show,[was fired] because he's inept, and so many people stopped watching it. He's not in the same league as her.

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